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News 2018




Product evaluation results from the Dental Product Shopper

on DryDent Sublingual and DryDent Parotid.

January, 2018 

PRODUCT EVALUATION: Controlling saliva and moisture during dental procedures is essential, but not always easy.
Dental Product Shopper made a product evaluation of DryDent and we are happy to share the result.
Rating his overall satisfaction as excellent, Dr. Jetter shared, “We appreciate any product which helps procedures go smoothly,
and this product is certainly one of those.” He added, “I cannot think of any way that it could be improved.” Calling it a good
product that delivers as promised, Dr. Tony Storace said he most appreciated its ease of use and universal application.He noted
that his hygiene staff and assistants also liked the product. “And if they are happy, the doctors are happy,” Dr. Storace concluded.
Read the full product evaluation on the links below:




News 2017


Directa’s ANA Etching Gel is available in a pre filled,

50 ml, jumbo syringe with 37 % phosphoric acid

September, 2017 

The line of Directa’s restorative products offers a solution of etching gel of outstanding consistency aimed for precise application,
presented in various packages and volumes. The new pre filled jumbo syringe à 50 ml with provided syringes and application tips
will make it easy to decide variety of etching gel yourself, for a more economic choice.
ANA Etching Gel is an enamel and dentine etchant with 37% phosphoric acid. ANA Etching Gel and its texture is perfect for any
etching technique, partial etching (only enamel) or total etching (enamel and dentine). Nano sized particles are of importance for
ANA Etching Gel. The consistency gives handling properties required by all dentists such as exact application at the correct time
and a complete rinse off with no phosphoric acid left in the cavity. ANA Etching Gel stays in place without collapsing.
The ideal viscosity in combination with the blue colour enables very precise and clearly detectable placement.
The thin bendable application tip allows accurate application.
Previous packages of pre filled syringes of 2-pack à 2x2ml, and Maxi-Pack à 10x2 ml are still available.
For more information of the different volumes of Directa’s ANA Etching Gel go to: 

Gambia - Directa’s Luxator in voluntary project

August, 2017


“ We have returned from Gambia, exhausted and shocked but really satisfied. From all the team of Siente Gambia including myself
I send you some pictures to recognize and thank you and Directa, as you have been an essential part to allow this voluntary work.
Your help by providing us with the amazing Luxator instruments has been invaluable. We have been much more efficient thanks to you!!"

- Dr. David Peñarrocha-Oltra



DirectaDentalGroup at IDS 

March, 2017

This years IDS - International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, is over. A big thank you to everyone who stoped by our stand.
Friends, dealers, visitors and collegues, the motivation we get from your feedback and support is priceless.

A special thanks is also extended to our amazing team for making this event so successful!



DirectaDentalGroup at IDS, March 21-25, at Hall 10.1 Booth #C68-D69

February 3, 2017


The IDS takes place every two years in Cologne. It is the leading global trade fair and at the same time the industry event for the dental industry.

Stop by Directa’s stand in Hall 10.1, booth C68-D69 and discover our wide product range and our latest products.
This gives you an opportunity to meet us and get information about the latest technologies and developments.
Take a look at our new products, talk about our latest acquisitions and receive attractive offers.

The 37th International Dental Show will take place on March 21- 25 in Cologne. See you there!




News 2016


New Product: Grip Plate

December 20, 2016

Introducing the new product Grip Plate, perfect for Calasept and ANA Etching Gel Syringess for improved grip.
Grip Plate is sold in packages of 10 pcs. Prod No: 690141.

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Sweden: Vi ses på Tandvårdsdagen i Malmö den 26/1

December 16, 2016


Bildkälla och mer information hittar ni på

Vi ses där!



DirectaDentalGroup at Swedental 16-18 November, 2016 

November 30, 2016



Live Webinars in December 

November 22, 2016

Title: Simple, predictable everyday endodontics
Date: December 01, 2016 12:00 PM (EST)
Speaker: Dr. Jure Poglajen

In this webinar, Dr. Jure Poglajen will show already well-known endo irrigants, such as sodium hypochlorite, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and chlorhexidine, their proper use and correct sequence in combination with laser technology. The webinar will also present an easy application of high concentration calcium hydroxide as an intracanal medication between appointments.



Title: Composites (including Fibre reinforced Composites), Matrix Systems and Rubber dam
Date: 8 December 2016 19:30 (UK)
Speaker: Dr. Jansie van Rensburg

After popular demand, we are delighted to be joined once again by composite restorations expert, Jansie Van Rensburg, for an exciting new Directa webinar.  This December, Jansie will be speaking on the topics of Composites (including Fibre reinforced Composites), Matrix Systems and Rubber dam.

Improvements in equipment and materials are key factors in providing the clinician and the patient with new minimally invasive choices. Over the course of one hour, Jansie will take you through relevant subjects such as Fibre reinforced composite, the unique Dry-Dam and different matrix systems with extra focus on the FenderWedge & FenderMate system for posterior composites.

To learn more about our upcoming webinars, click here.



DryDent's inventor Kristina Frisk was chosen this year's Female Inventor 2016 

November 11, 2016


Directa is happy to announce that DryDent's inventor Kristina Frisk was chosen this year's Female Inventor 2016 in Sweden.

Frisk says "It's amazing that both dentists and patients worldwide is asking for the products I have developed.
I am extremely flattered and proud to be this Years Female Inventor"

Read the whole article here: (SE)

New Tray Rack

October 31, 2016


Directa is glad to introduce a new model for the popular PractiPal Tray Rack boasting a streamlined, neat design for a very competitive price.
The Tray Rack substitutes the previous model and keeps the same article number.

The new PractiPal Tray Rack is already available for delivery. Please find enclosed a data sheet with article description and prices.
Product pictures are downloadable here.

Dimension empty: 198 x 398,5 x 83 mm
Dimension with Complete Trays: 198x398,5x260 cm

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New Luxator Forte Elevator F32C

October 27, 2016

Directa is glad to introduce the new Luxator Forte Elevator F32C. This is an addition to the three already available Luxator Forte.
The main feature of this model is a curved 3,2 mm blade in response to the strong market demand for curved elevators.

Luxator Forte Elevator F32C is already available for delivery. Product pictures are downloadable here. 

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DryDent Parotid Saliva Absorber is now manufactured in light blue color

October, 2016

We would like to inform our customers that Directa’s DryDent Parotid Saliva Absorber is now manufactured in light blue color.
Article numbers and product descriptions remain the same, updated pictures can be downloaded here

With the occasion we would like to thank you for your support in introducing the new Drydent line which is proving very successful in record time,
both in terms of sales and in terms of attention by relevant media and institutions. Drydent Sublingual is a finalist for the prestigious
“Prix de l’Innovation” to be awarded by French dental association “Association Dentaire Francaise” in occasion of the ADF 2016 Paris Dental Congress.



Webinar in October: "Minimally invasive aesthetics in everyday practice" with Dr. Jure Poglajen

October, 2016

Minimally invasive aesthetics in everyday practice
Date: 25 October 2016 1:00 PM (EST)
Speaker: Dr. Jure Poglajen

From class II to diastema closure, this webinar will take you through the latest techniques and materials for tissue-saving, simple and predictable composite restorations.

Minimally invasive dentistry is a well established standard in contemporary dentistry. Methodologies evolve quickly and, as new materials and tools are made available, treatments become increasingly tissue-saving. So what’s the latest when it comes to safe, simple and predictable restorations? During this webinar you will learn

- How to do a class II with perfect contact point, intact adjacent tooth and zero risk for cervical overhang
- How to beautifully close a diastema using neither crowns nor veneer
- How to build up lateral incisors to match the available space and more of the latest, least invasive procedures available and using state of the art composite material to achieve in office aesthetics.

For registration and more information:



Directa Dental Group acquire Parkell Inc. 

September 16, 2016

Edgewood, NY, September 16, 2016-Directa Dental Group, a leading global manufacturer of dental consumables and materials, has announced the acquisition of Parkell, Inc., a USA based manufacturer of dental materials and dental electronics. “This acquisition marks an important step in the strong, strategic expansion of our business in key market segments”, said Henric Karsk, CEO of Directa Dental Group.

“Directa Dental Group is an ideal entity for allowing Parkell to continue developing new business and achieving the next level of growth”, said Karen Mitchell, prior CEO of Parkell. “We are proud to have Parkell part of the Directa Dental Group and look forward to the opportunity to continue to develop the company name. We are pleased to have Karen Mitchell remain in the company in the capacity of President. We feel that the Parkell team is dedicated to the success of this new endeavor”, said Henric Karsk.

Karsk also commented, “We will continue to grow and strengthen our relationships while expanding the breadth of products in niche areas around the world, with Parkell being an important new member to the Directa Dental Group.”



For more information about Parkell:






DryDent® Sublingual - 2nd best innovation at the Clinical Innovations Conference.

May, 2016

We are happy to announce that Directa’s new product DryDent Sublingual received the Highly Commended Status as 2nd best innovation at the UK’s prestigious Clinical Innovations Conference on May 21st, 2016.

DryDent Sublingual, a unique product that collects and controls the saliva produced by the sublingual glands as well as by the submandibular glands. Dry Dent Sublingual's super-absorbent qualities provide a dry oral enviroment during a variety of procedures, while its smooth, soft material design reduces uncomfortable swallowing reflexes. Salivia ejoctors can be placed over the product, minimizing uncomfortable suctions of soft tissue.





DryDent® - For optimal moisture control

February, 2016

Directa launches the new DryDent line of products, the first saliva absorbers featuring both optimal moisture control AND great comfort. DryDent takes moisture control to the next level. Soft, comfortable and highly efficient DryDent Parotid and DryDent Sublingual enhance saliva absorption and substitute cotton rolls with thin but highly absorbent pads with soft edges. Ideal every time you need a dryer working environment. The first and only absorbent designed to collect saliva under the tongue, DryDent Sublingual also enhances patient’s comfort when using saliva ejectors and x ray holders. Both models come in two sizes, small and large for optimal anatomic adaptation.

A dry oral environment is extremely important for a variety of treatments like impression taking, cementation, orthodontic and filling procedures etc. Using the new super absorbent DryDent Parotid and DryDent Sublingual together with ordinary saliva ejectors significantly improves moisture control procedures and secures high quality dentistry. 

DryDent Parotid is a saliva absorbent placed directly against the parotid saliva glands where the ducts open. Saliva is optimally absorbed giving the best possibilities for a successful treatment. DryDent Parotid contains no binders and has very soft edges that cause no harm to the oral mucosa. Patients report a feeling of a silky smooth surface. On the lingual side, the saliva absorber protects the operation field from moisture. This double function is a result of the new super absorbent material and the unique foam production method.

Dry Dent Parotid keeps its shape facilitating an open operation field throughout a longer time.Many ducts from the salivary glands open sublingually, resulting in a difficult moisture situation. To facilitate sublingual moisture control Directa designed DryDent Sublingual, a totally new and unique product, the first absorbent pad designed for optimal and comfortable collection of all saliva produced by the sublingual glands as well as the submandibular glands.

DryDent Sublingual does not only perform the perfect saliva control, it also improves comfort for the patient. A saliva ejector placed above this saliva absorber minimizes pain, noise and has a soothing effect due to reduced swallowing reflexes. DryDent Sublingual is very appreciated by patients and kind to the oral mucosa. The absorbent material is weaved through a new method that gives a feeling of a silky smooth surface. 75% of the dental teams interviewed in Västra Götaland region, Sweden answered ”yes” to the question whether a DryDent Sublingual placed under the saliva ejector simplifies their work.  




A PRO does it all.

- 2015

Directa’s new Prophy Paste PRO is increasingly gaining popularity among dental professionals worldwide. On healthy patients without heavy discolorations, ProphyPaste PRO will both remove stains and polish for a smooth tooth surface as its grains degrade from coarse to fine. Moreover the paste has unique remineralizing and desensitizing features. SEM images taken within a new study from Karolinska University showed that ProphyPaste PRO was the only paste to show relevant differences in particle size after use, implying that you only need one prophy paste such as ProphyPaste PRO’s that transitions from cleansing to polishing.  






DirectaDentalGroup keeps expanding.

- 2015

In 2015 DirectaDentalGroup acquired and incorporated three manufacturing companies: the UK-based Topdental Products Ltd, the Swedish J.H. Orsing AB and the Swedish Nordiska Dental’s non- amalgam products. Topdental was acquired in April 2015 and manufactures dental disinfectant and hygiene control products Topdental (Products) Ltd. Topdental is an award winning manufacturer of premium quality disinfectant products commercialized both as private label and under the brands Virofex and Bossklein. Headquarter, production and warehouse are based in Silsden, West Yorkshire, UK.