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Calcium Hydroxide

Calasept has a very high content of calcium hydroxide (> 41%) giving a high concentration of hydroxyl ions. These generate the high PH value of 12.4 which has a pronounced bactericidal effect, i.e killing of bacteria. High concentration of calcium hydroxide means long-lasting because the paste can release calcium ions for a long time. Calasept is a ready-to-use paste in air tight syringes for direct application through the sterilized needles. The air tight syringes eliminate the risk of incorporating air into calcium hydroxide turning the material into calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is not possible to re-wet into calcium hydroxide



Long-lasting and very effective
Direct, quick and easy application
Optimal calcium release
Five indications - only one product
Air tight syringe



High concentration >41% 
Pre filled syringe  
Pure calcium hydroxide 
Multi purpose    
No drying out



Calcium hydroxide >41%
Barium sulphate
Sterile isotonic saline solution
pH 12.4



Temporary root-filling
Pulp capping
Pulp protection
Insulation in deep cavities
Stepwise excavation


Did you know?

Calasept has a bactericidal effect on carious dentine. 
Calasept creates a defensive response promoting formation of hard tissue barriers.
Calasept stored in the refrigerator will not prolong shelf-life, only make the consistency thicker.


Prod No.

Prod No: 1230200 Calasept 2U, Syringe à 1,5 ml 2 pcs, Calasept Paste Needles 20 pcs
Prod No: 1230100 Calasept 4U, Syringes à 1,5 ml 4 pcs, Calasept Paste Needles 20 pcs
Prod No: 1231100 Calasept Paste Needles, Luer Lock 0,80x23 mm, 21 G, 100 pcs
Prod No: 690141 Grip Plate, 10 pcs


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