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Calasept® Sodium Hypochlorite

Disinfecting solution for endodontic irrigation during root canal treatment

Calasept Sodium Hypochlorite is used for the irrigation and debridement of root canals during endodontic treatment. Calasept Sodium Hypochlorite is most reliable to your endodontic irrigation due to its antimicrobial and tissue dissolving activity. It is an excellent choice to optimize successful debridement during instrumentation thanks to its efficiency against pathogenic organisms and pulp digestion.



Reliable endodontic irrigation/debridement of root canals
For best outcome
Provides a wider selection



Effective against pathogenic organisms and pulp digestion
Antimicrobal and tissue dissolving
Available in 3% and 6% solutions



Irrigation and debridement of root canals
Optimizes debridement during instrumentation
Removal of smear layer and inorganic substances


Prod No.

Prod No: 1290300 Calasept Sodium Hypochlorite 3%, 500 ml
Prod No: 1290600 Calasept Sodium Hypochlorite 6%, 500 ml


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