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ANA Etching Gel
37% phosphoric acid

Nano sized particles are of importance for ANA Etching Gel. The consistency gives handling properties required by all dentists such as exact application at the correct time and a complete rinse off. No phosphoric acid left in the cavity. ANA Etching gel has got these outstanding properties. ANA Etching Gel is an enamel and dentine etchant with 37% concentration of phosphoric acid. It is a well established fact that etching materials should contain 35-40% phosphoric acid. ANA Etching Gel and it’s texture is perfect for any way of etching. Using enamel etch or total etch technique. ANA Etching Gel stays in place without collapsing. The ideal viscosity in combination with the blue colour enables very precise and clearly detectable placement. The thin bendable needles allow accurate application. Very easy and fast to rinse off.


4 reasons to use ANA Etching Gel

1. Clearly detectable
2. Etching gel with perfect texture 
3. Ideal viscosity for precise application
4. Easy to rinse off


Prod No.

Prod No: 1510200 ANA Etching Gel, 2-pack, Syringes of 2 ml 2 pcs, Application Tips 2 pcs, 2 pack
Prod No: 1510400 ANA Etching Gel, Maxi, Syringes of 2 ml 10 pcs, Application Tips 10 pcs, 10 pack
Prod No: 1510600 ANA Etching Gel, Jumbo, Jumbo Syringe of 50 ml 1 pcs, Application Tips 50 pcs, Syringe 5 pcs
Prod No: 1510500 ANA Etching Gel Tips, 100 pcs
Prod No: 690141 Grip Plate, 10 pcs


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