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ANA Norm Aesthetics
Micro hybrid composite

A micro hybrid composite with excellent radio opacity, high gloss polishability, low polymerisation shrinkage and with a unique colour system.

Determine the direction of tooth colour; The Universal shade alone accommodates the majority of patients. Universal is used on its own. Choose between the dentine colours, White or Grey. Insert the selected colour as dentine. The thickness of the layers determines the intensity of the colour. If the tooth colour is very intense one of the dentine colours is used on its own. Polish to an outstanding gloss finish.

Achieve the perfect shade
Determine the direction of tooth colour: High intensity of the tooth colour means thicker layer of the dentine colour. Less intensity means thinner layer of dentine colour.



Depth of cure 3,5 mm
Flexural strength 120MPa
Water sorption 25µg/mm3
Radiopacity 2 mmAl
Designed for classes I, II, III, IV, V
Complies with ISO 4049
Tot. inorganic filler content 77%Wt.



Excellent radiopacity
High gloss polish ability
The ANA Norm Colour system
Small polymerisation shrinkage


Prod No.

Prod No 1330100 Universal, 10 x 0.3g  
Prod No 1330300 White, 10 x 0.3g   
Prod No 1330600 Grey, 10 x 0.3g 
Prod No 1330700 Shade guide  


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