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DryDent Sublingual
DentalProductShopper, 2016{"page":42,"issue_id":297198}


ProxyPal 3D Anterior Matrix
DentalProductShopper, 2015{"page":"32","issue_id":"272526"}


A Conservative Approach to Patient Care
Dr. Berland, Dentistry Today, 2010


Directa launches novel saliva absorber for improved moisture control
Dental Tribune International, 2016


Fast and safe protecting and matrixing with FenderWedge and FenderMate
Dr Sylvain Mareschi, Dental Tribune USA


Crown or same-day onlay?
Lorin Berland, Dental Tribune USA, 2010


Directa CoForm - Matrix system provides transparent corner matrices, convenience and versatility
Dental Tribyne USA, 2010


Directa makes restorations quicker, easier and more efficient
Fred Michmershuizen, Dental Tribune USA, 2010


Addressing Everyday Emergencies In The Dental Clinic
Dr. Mikael Zimmerman, Heal Talk, 2011


Class II fillings in everyday clinical work
Dr Sylvain Mareschi, Industry Report, 2011


Decreasing The Learning Curve
Parag Kachalia, Inside Dentistry, 2011


Luxator surgical instruments - setting a new standard?
Dr. Jure Poglajen, Professional Dentistry



PractiPal - Öka säkerheten och spara samtidigt tid och pengar! (SE)
Dr. Mikael Zimmerman,, 2016



Atraumatyczne ekstrakcje Luxator Periotome (PL)
Dr. Simon Jones, Dental Tribune Poland


Korona lub naklady wykonywane podczas jednej wizyty – opis przypadku (PL)
Lorin Berland, Dental Tribune Poland



Extracciones atraumáticas (ES)
Dr. Simon Jones, Dental Tribune Spain



Les matrices pour les angles des dents antérieurs (FR)
Dental Tribune France, 2011


La classe II au quotidien! (FR)
Dr Sylvain Mareschi, Dental Tribune France, 2010



La Classe II nella pratica quotidiana (IT)
Dr Sylvain Mareschi, Dental Tribune Italy, 2010



Klasse-II-Füllungen im klinischen Alltag (DE)
Dr Sylvain Mareschi, Dental Tribune Austria, 2010


Professionelle Anfertigung von KlasseII-Füllungen im klinischen Alltag (DE)
Dr Sylvain Mareschi, Dental Tribune Austria, 2010


Sichere Handhabung (DE)
Dr. Rainer Uhl, Dental Tribune Austria, 2010



Keil und Matrize perfekt kombiniert (CH)
Dr. med. dent. Lothar Frank, Dental Tribune Swiss, 2010



Atraumatische extracties met Luxator Periotome (NL)
Dr. Simon Jones ,Dental Tribune Netherlands,  2011