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The answers to your most common queries.



FAQ: ProphyPaste

ProphyPaste CCS, one of the most well known brands worldwide, offers reliable results ranging from regular cleaning of the teeth to more complicated implant maintenance procedures. The Coarse and Medium Pumice based paste is ideal for the removal of plaque, calculus and stains caused by e.g. coffee, tea, tobacco, while our distinctive Fine and X-fine Silica based Prophy Paste offers a gentle and safe solution for the polishing of Implants, Porcelain crowns, Composite restorations and more.

The new member of the ProphyPaste Line – ProphyPaste PRO – is a unique Silica based paste that starts with larger coarse grit particles which break down to small fine particles for polishing during the same procedure.

Why should I use at least two ProphyPastes going from blue to yellow?

Which paste can be used for implants?

Do ProphyPaste CCS and ProphyPaste PRO contain fluoride?


FAQ: PractiPal

Optimum cleaning, easy storage and safe handling makes PractiPal the product of choice. The outstanding tray/cassette system offering improved hygiene, rational logistic and overall instrument in the dental clinic. The open design ensures optimal cleaning and maximum safety for patients and staff. PractiPal includes secure bur, file and accessory holders that clip into the tray but are easy to remove.

What’s the maximum lenght of bur that can be mounted on PractiPal compact bur stand?

How do I autoclave PractiPal?

How should I clean PractiPal in a disinfector?


FAQ: Luxator

The Luxator extraction instrument product range enhances the outstanding selection of high quality extraction instruments from Directa. Modern techniques as implants requires instruments and equipment offering possibilities to achieve fast healing and placment of direct implants after extraction.

What’s the origin of the name ”Luxator”?

What’s the difference between Luxator Periotome and Luxator Forte?

How can I see the difference between Luxator Periotome and Luxator Forte?

What happens if I elevate with a Luxator Periotome?

Why should I choose a curved rather than a straight periotome?

How do I sharpen a Luxator?

What is the recommended speed for Luxator LX?

What happens if I exceed the recommended speed when using Luxator LX?


FAQ: Fenders

In 2006 FenderWedge was the first of five Fender Products created by Directa’s group of dental consultants. FenderWedge shields adjacent teeth during preparation. FenderWedge paved the way for FenderMate, a one-piece matrix wedge that allows a quick and efficient restoration with natural contact and sealed cervical margin. Directa’s next product FenderWedge Prep was introduced in 2011 to shield larger preparations such as crowns, veneers and inlays. With children in mind, FenderMate Prime was the first and only combined shield and matrix development, specially designed to offer a gentle, comfortable, quick technique for preparing and restoring primary teeth. FenderMate Temp is the newest all-in-one solution for safe and easy preparation and filling of temporary proximal restorations. To learn more and find the most frequently asked questions about the Fender Products go here.

What’s the origin of the name ”Fender”?

What makes FenderMate unique?

Why should I use FenderWedge?

FAQ: Spotit

Directa’s contact finder Spotit is a coloured marker available on straight and angled handle. As the marker traverses the contact between the prosthetic element and the adjacent tooth it leaves a clear and accurate indication of the adjustment needed for a perfect contact point. The whole operation can be performed without assistance - holding the crown with one hand and the marker with the other hand.

The coloured thread mounted on Spot it is too thick?

FAQ: Calasept

Calasept is a well known brand of products from calcium hydroxide paste for temporary root fillings to a complete assortment of liquids for effective irrigation of root canals. It is a useful range of products for the proper treatment of root canals by any clinic, general practitioners and endodontic specialists. Find the most frequently asked queries about Calasept here.

Which products are part of the Calasept line?

What’s the difference between Calasept and Calasept Plus?

Why should I make sure that Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine do not mix in the root canal?


FAQ: DryDam

DryDam is a disposable rubber dam mask in latex material. Dry Dam fits like a face mask with an absorbent lining to give patient comfort and reduced risk of allergic reactions.

What’s the material used for DryDam?


FAQ: Tray Cleaner

A trouble free way to remove stubborn debris from impression trays. Useful in the dental practice as well as laboratory.

Can I use TrayCleaner to disinfect my impression trays?

How often shall the water be changed?

What’s the best way to remove alginate from trays with TrayCleaner?


FAQ: Cheek Retractor

Easy to place Cheek Retractor useful for photography, oral surgery, orthodontic bonding and restorative work.  Available for both adults and children in red, clear, ivory, blue and translucent.

Are Directa Cheeck retractors autoclavable?