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Disposable items from Directa. All disposable products can be used together with the other PractiPal products such as PractiPal MultiBlock or as a stand-alone.

> PractiPal MultiDappen, equipped with indentations of different volumes of bonding, primers, etc. Placed on the MultiBlock or as a stand-alone.
> PractiPal MultiPoint, storage of paper points, guttapercha points and fluid. Placed in the MultiBlock or used as a stand-alone.
> PractiPal Waste Cup, practical container for debris. Instruments may be scraped against the special jagged edges to remove debris. Can also be used for liquids. Placed in the MultiBlock or used as a stand-alone.
> PractiPal Foam Cushions, cushions of sponge foam placed in the MultiBlock. Unique slot design of foam scrapper for removing debris from files and instruments. Available as large (50x32x23 mm) and small (30x15x13 mm).
> PractiPal Light Shield, protects light-curing materials. Placed on the MultiDappen.
> PractiPal Clips, used to assembled two PractiPal Half Tray pieces togehter. Note that this is not a disposable item. 


Prod No.

Prod No: 115000  PractiPal MultiDappen, 300 pcs
Prod No: 115001  PractiPal MultiPoint, 300 pcs
Prod No: 115002  PractiPal Waste Cup, 300 pcs
Prod No: 115003  PractiPal Foam Small, 300 pcs
Prod No: 115004  PractiPal Foam Large, 50 pcs
Prod No: 115105  PractiPal Light Shield, 5 pcs
Prod No: 115120  PractiPal Clips, 2 pcs


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