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Instrument Clamp

Secures instruments for optimal cleaning without damage. Available in two sizes for Full- & Half Tray and for PractiPal Mini Tray, in nine colours for easy colour-coding of different set-ups.


Prod No.

PractiPal® Instrument Clamps for Full and Half Tray
Prod No: 115150  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, grey 1 pc
Prod No: 115151  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, red  1 pc
Prod No: 115152  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, yellow 1 pc
Prod No: 115153  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, blue 1 pc
Prod No: 115154  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, green 1 pc
Prod No: 115155  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, lilac 1 pc
Prod No: 115156  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, pink 1 pc
Prod No: 115157  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, mint green 1 pc
Prod No: 115158  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, orange 1 pc

PractiPal® Instrument Clamps for Mini Tray
Prod No: 115040  PractiPal Mini Clamp, grey  1 pc
Prod No: 115041  PractiPal Mini Clamp, red  1 pc
Prod No: 115042  PractiPal Mini Clamp, yellow  1 pc
Prod No: 115043  PractiPal Mini Clamp, blue  1 pc
Prod No: 115044  PractiPal Mini Clamp, green  1 pc
Prod No: 115045  PractiPal Mini Clamp, lilac  1 pc
Prod No: 115046  PractiPal Mini Clamp, pink  1 pc
Prod No: 115047  PractiPal Mini Clamp, mint green 1 pc
Prod No: 115048  PractiPal Mini Clamp, orange  1 pc


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