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Prophy Paste PRO, Lilac Universal

Cleans and polishes
Contains 0,1% fluoride. Supports caries prevention
Can be used in combination with chlorhexidine
Contains castor oil - supports lubrication of dry mouth
Optimized consistency for low consumption: non-splattering, homogeneous formula
Stays in the polishing cup, does not splatter or dry out, liquify nor separate
Available in tubes or single dose packages
Optimal tube size - easy to dispense, easy to clean, easy to store
Mild mint taste
pH (5-6)

ProphyPaste PRO is the one-step prophy paste for outstanding cleaning and polishing results that offers decreased treatment time. The same paste is used for stain removal and final polishing. Prophy Paste PRO’s high cleaning power converts into gentle polishing as the particles are fragmented. Prophy Paste PRO low RDA value of 20 offers effective stain removal properties at the beginning of the treatment and decreases progressively to a lower RDA value of 5, giving the paste its final polishing properties at the end of the treatment. Prophy Paste’s mild mint taste and appealing texture is pleasant for patients of all ages and does not splatter, liquify or separate and is easy to rinse-off. Contains fluoride to remineralize enamel after polishing, thus supporting caries prevention. Available in single doses and tubes.


4 reasons to use ProphyCare® Prophy Paste PRO

1. Low abrasion and still excellent cleaning effect
2. One step procedure
3. Remineralizing agent
4. Integrated abrasion ariability


Prod No.

Prod No: 741111  ProphyPaste PRO Tubes, 84g 60 ml
Prod No: 690125  ProphyPaste PRO, Single Dose, 144 pcs, 2g


Selection Guide

Prophy Paste PRO breaks down from coarse to fine grit during treatment.

Prophy Paste PRO  
Very discoloured surfaces  
Thick plaque  
Discoloured teeth  
Universal paste  
Small amounts of plaque  
Root Surfaces  
Slightly discoloured teeth  
Cervical toothbrush abrasion lesions  
Final polishing  
After air polishing treatment  
Final polish  

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