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ProphyCare® Prophy Powder

Effective powder for stain and plaque removal

ProphyCare Prophy Powder is the new effective powder for removal of stains and plaque. The Prophy Powder effectively cleans the tooth surface, penetrating into deep pits, fissures and interproximal areas. Heavy stains are thoroughly and gently removed. ProphyCare Prophy Powder contains anti-clogging agents for a trouble-free performance in any air polishing unit, ensuring an even and maximum flow of powder is continuously applied on each patient. Safe for use in all air-polishing units.

Using the prophy powder is time saving, safe and effective for stain and plaque removal thus minimizing the operator and patient fatigue. Its lemon aroma eliminates any salty aftertaste leaving the mouth feeling refreshed.


4 reasons to use ProphyCare® Prophy Powder

1. Accessible & effective
2. Removes heavy stains 
3. Fresh lemon taste
4. Anti-clogging


Prod No

Prod No: 741000, ProphyCare Prophy Powder, 250 g



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