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The pre-shaped progressive curvature aids to create
incisial fillings with a correct anatomical shape

The proximal curvature differs from tooth to tooth. In order to achieve a perfect filling the matrix has been designed so that the curvature of the matrix escalates linearly along its total length.

In one end the curvature is vague which is ideal for lower jaw incisors. In the other end the matrix curvature is distinct thus suitable i.e. a diastema closure. By pushing/pulling the matrix it is easy to find a suitable curvature for every tooth. The matrix has an cervical edge which inserted into the gingival pocket stabilizes the matrix during insertion of filling material. The cervical edge prevents moisture from the surrounding tissue that interfers with the cavity and stabilizes the matrix during insertion of filling material. Indications for use: Class IV, large class III and closure of diastema.


4 reasons to use ProxyPal 3D Matrix

1. Deep Curvature
2. Shallow Curvature
3. Cervical Edge
4. 3D Contour Matrix


Prod No.

Prod No: 604092 ProxyPal 3D Anterior Matrix, 36 pcs




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Clinical tips on how to use ProxyPal.


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