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1270100 - Calasept CHX, 100 ml
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Calasept® CHX
For irrigation during endodontic treatment

During endodontic treatment, EDTA and sodium hypoclorite are used intermittently. In vitro studies have established that the chelating effect of EDTA is not limited by using sodium hypochlorite. Therefore irrigation with Calasept CHX solution prior to filling a canal with resin material is recommended. In addition, the bactericidal capacity of Calasept CHX will reduce the amount of bacteria.

*NaCIO and CHX should not be mixed due to that an unwanted precipitate may occur.


4 reasons to use Calasept® CHX

1. Inhibitory capacity
2. Final rinsing
3. Removing bacteria
4. Easy filling of syringe 


Prod No.

Prod No: 1270100 Calasept CHX, 100 ml


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