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ContacEZ Restorative Strip System is an innovative, precision dental strip system that achieves good proximal contact adjustment and complete marginal seating of crowns, veneers, inlays/onlays, and proximal contouring of composite fillings accurately with minimum time and effort. The flexible strips conform to natural contours of the teeth to avoid creating sharp corners.
The Restorative Strip System offers you an easy effective way to finish a crown seating, breaking the process down into three simple steps: Adjust, Clean, and Polish.


The restorative strip system features 5 strips:

1 Adjust proximal contact

The Black Diamond Dental Strip – The Proximal Contact Adjuster – Fine Diamond – Single-sided - 0.075 mm
Use this strip prior to definitive cementation of crowns, inlays/onlays, and veneers. Use it to adjust good proximal contacts and restore interproximal relief* by elimination of excessive pressure between the indirect restoration and the adjacent teeth without opening the contact. It is also useful for contouring proximal surfaces of composite fillings.

The Orange Serrated Diamond Strip – The Proximal Contact Adjuster with Sawtooth – Extra-Fine Diamond – Single-sided – Double-serrated - 0.07 mm
Use this strip instead of the Black Diamond Strip when overly tight contacts are present, and the strip cannot access the interproximal space. The serrated edge readily separates and penetrates the tight contacts to prepare for good proximal contact adjustment. To clean out the excess cement from the interproximal space, use the White or Blue Serrated Strips.

2 Clean out trapped cement

The White Serrated Strip – The Gentle Saw - Interproximal Cement Cleaner – No Diamond – Double-serrated - 0.05 mm.
This ultra-thin serrated strip is designed to safely cut and clean out excess cement trapped in the interproximal space after cementation

The Blue Serrated Strip – The Heavy-Duty Dental Saw – No Diamond – Double-serrated - 0.07 mm.
Designed for more rigorous cutting and cleaning in the interproximal space. It safely cuts into excess resin cement trapped in the interproximal space as an alternative to the White Serrated Strip. It is also very useful for separating fused contacts of multiple veneers after light-curing.

3 Polish to a natural finish

The Grey Final Polishing Strip – The Proximal Surface Polisher – Extra-fine Diamond – Single-sided - 0.065 mm.
Use this strip to polish proximal contact surfaces to restore natural finish in one step. This strip also confirms interproximal relief* after definitive cementation.

*thejpd (The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry), Vol.97, Issue 4, P244-245, April 01, 2007. “A proximal contact adjustment and interproximal relief methos” by Daniel S. Kim, DDS, Kyu-Won Suh, DDS, MSD, DSO


Prod No.

Restorative Strip System, Assorted

Prod No: 31008 (2 black, 1 orange, 1 gray, 2 white, 2 blue), 8 pcs
Prod No: 31020 (4 black, 4 orange, 4 gray, 4 white, 4 blue), 20 pcs
Prod No: 31040 (8 black, 8 orange, 8 gray, 8 white, 8 blue), 40 pcs
Prod No: 31016 Restorative Strip System (4 black, 2 orange, 2 gray, 4 white, 4 blue), 16 pcs

Restorative Single Strips

Restorative Strip System BLACK

Prod No: 31108, 8 pcs
Prod No: 31116, 16 pcs
Prod No: 31132, 32 pcs

Restorative Strip System ORANGE
Prod No: 31208, 8 pcs
Prod No: 31216, 16 pcs
Prod No: 31232, 32 pcs

Restorative Strip System WHITE
Prod No: 31408, 8 pcs
Prod No: 31416, 16 pcs
Prod No: 31432, 32 pcs

Restorative Strip System BLUE
Prod No: 31508, 8 pcs
Prod No: 31516, 16 pcs
Prod No: 31532, 32 pcs

Restorative Strip System GRAY
Prod No: 31308, 8 pcs
Prod No: 31316, 16 pcs
Prod No: 31332, 32 pcs

Signature Set (1 Clear LAB, 1 Cyan LAB, 3 Black, 3 Orange, 2 Gray, 3 White, 3 Blue, 2 Gold, 2 Copper, 2 Blue Narrow, 2 Pink)
Prod No: 31023, 24 pcs

Crown Seating Kit (8 Clear LAB, 8 Black, 8 Gray, 8 White)
Prod No: 31034, 32 pcs

Veneer Finishing Kit (8 Black, 8 Gray, 8 White, 8 Blue)
Prod No: 31035, 32 pcs

Composite Finishing Kit (8 Orange, 8 Gray, 8 White
Prod No: 31026, 24 pcs


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