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Subgingival Strip System

The Subgingival Strip System is designed to carefully and conveniently remove hard-to-reach subgingival rough margins and overhangs. They provide easy access to the subgingival area while avoiding damaging patient´s gingival tissue and lips. In addition, these ultra-narrow strips are ideal for cleaning out cement debris in the subgingival area of the interproximal space after crown cementation.


Subgingival Strip System


The Blue Narrow Strip – Subgingival Cutter – Double-serrated – No Diamond - 0.07 mm.
An ultra-thin double sided serrated strip, without diamonds making it easy to reach and remove subgingival overhangs of without any risk of affecting the contact area. Use when protruding overhangs are detected.


The Gold Narrow Strip – Subgingival Trimmer – Single-sided – Medium Coarse Diamond – 0.10 mm.
A single sided medium fine diamond strip to trim and contour a composite filling. There is a mid-part in the strip without diamonds making it possible to pass the contact area without affecting it. Use when overhangs are smaller or do not stick out from the tooth.


The Copper Narrow Strip – Subgingival Polisher – Single-sided – Extra Fine Diamond - 0.06 mm.
An ultra-thin single sided diamond strip to clean and polish a subgingival composite restoration.


Prod No.

Subgingival Strip Assorted System
Prod No: 33108 - Small, (2 Blue, 3 Gold, 3 Copper) 8 pcs
Prod No: 33124 - Large, (8 Blue, 8 Gold, 8 Copper) 24 pcs

Subgingival Single Strips

Subgingival Strip System GOLD
Prod No: 33408, 8 pcs
Prod No: 33416, 16 pcs
Prod No: 33432, 32 pcs

Subgingival Strip System BLUE
Prod No: 33708, 8 pcs
Prod No: 33716, 16 pcs
Prod No: 33732, 32 pcs

Subgingival Strip System COPPER
Prod No: 33608, 8 pcs
Prod No: 33616, 16 pcs
Prod No: 33632, 32 pcs


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