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Clinical Cases: Calasept

Calasept Plus & Calasept has a concentration fo calcium hydroxide of over 35%, giving a high amount of availible hydroxol ions. These generate the high pH of over 12 which has a pronounced antimicrobial effect.


Pulp capping

Two cavities after pulpotomy of two small lesions, showing haemostasis in the mesial, first prepared cavity (arrow) and cessation of bleeding in the distal cavity (pic.1). 
Appearance of hard-tissue barrier 3 months after pulpotomy (pic.2).


Stepwise excavation

After gross excavation, the deepest layer of carious dentine will be covered with Calasept (pic.1).  
After 6 weeks the cement was removed, Calasept washed away and the excavation of the carious dentin completed without pulp exposure (pic.2). 


Temporary root-filling

The radiograph of 35 with periapical osteitis (pic.1).  
3 months later the periapical radiolucency has been replaced with new bone promoted by the Calasept (pic.2)


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