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Clinical Cases: FenderWedge

Bur damage to adjacent teeth is a common problem in everyday dental practice. FenderWedge prevents damage to the adjacent tooth and gingiva that commonly occurs during Class II preparations. FenderWedge is a combination of a steel plate and a plastic wedge. It facilitates easy application of a matrix. To avoid aspiration it is recommended to secure FenderWedge with a waxed dental floss. 


Suggested procedure before preparation and placing of FenderMate

Clean the interproximal space with waxed floss. Using a FenderWedge for protection and separation will also simplify the insertion of FenderMate. > Start preparation with FenderMate.


Small sized cavity

FenderWedge X-Small/Purple in place buccally gives good protection to the adjacent tooth during preparation and a separation 24/25 which makes the placing of FenderMate Narrow/Light Green easier. After restoring, remove some excess material with a carver then light-cure. Start the finishing and shaping while FenderMate is still in place to protect the adjacent tooth.


Chose an appropriate size of wedge

Firmly insert in place. FenderWedge separates.
FenderWedge in place protects the adjacent tooth and gingiva (pic.4).


Damage to the wedge

Damage to the the plastic part of the wedge is not a problem as the protective plate reaches down to the bottom of the gingival margin (pic.1).
The wedge compresses the papilla and protects it during preparation (pic.2). If the protective plate is perforated the FenderWedge should be replaced even if it is a small hole.


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