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Matrix for class II Composite Fillings


Why should I use FenderMate?

The pre-curved, one-piece sectional matrix and wedge provides for quick composite restorations, with a tight contact and cervical sealing. Final shaping and polishing is only required on the easily accessable lingual and buccal surfaces, while the cervical sealing remains intact. FenderMate is indicated for small to medium Class II composite fillings, which account for more than half of all Class II fillings. FenderMate offers a fast, safe and predictable means of establishing a composite restoration.

FenderMate is designed to be inserted either buccally or lingually. The matrix reaches from the base of the wedge to just a few millimeters above the occlusal surface. The side of the wedge facing the adjacent tooth has an angled wing. During insertion, the wing presses the matrix firmly against the preparation, giving a tight seal at the cervical margin. To form the contact point the matrix has a pre-contoured indentation, which mimics natural contours. The wing of the FenderMate separates the teeth thus compensating for the thickness of the matrix and retains the space created by the FenderWedge.





Two sizes

FenderMate is available in two wedge sizes; Regular and Narrow. Regular sizes are dark in colour, while Narrow is light. FenderMate wedges are coloured either Blue or Green to define Left or Right side respectively. FenderMate may be applied buccally or lingually for best fit.

FenderMate Regular Left and Right - large wing FenderMate Narrow Left and Right - small wing



Class II cavity prepared for the buccal placement of FenderMate (pic.1). The pre-contoured FenderMate adjusts to the space and forms the optimal contact point (pic.2). Leave FenderMate in place during the initial finishing to protect the adjacent tooth (pic.3).

How should I use FenderMate?

FenderMate has two colours, Blue and Green, indicating that the matrix is placed distally or messially. Light colour indicates thinner wedge. Dark colour thicker wedge. It is always recommended to use FenderWedge during preparation to protect the adjacent tooth of course but also to create the necessary inter proximal space to make it easier to place any matrix. FenderMate inserts most of the times buccally, placed deep to the gingival margin and applied with a steady pressure and a slightly downward and curved movement like a “curved suture needle”. Slide in the matrix until the contact indentation of the matrix is in the optimal position with the adjacent tooth to establish the contoured contact point. Not only a perfect contact is established, but also a tight cervical junction. No risk of cervical overhang. Minimized risk of blood contamination of the cavity. Complete the composite filling according to preferred material and methods. Light cure and start the finishing by discs or diamonds. Leave FenderMate in place as long as possible to protect the adjacent tooth. Please note that FenderMate gives no cervical leakage but some excess of material may occur on the buccal and/or lingual side however easy to finish off. It is always recommended to cure the complete composite filling, also eventual excess of material, before the finishing takes place. Remove FenderMate using either tweezers or forceps. The matrix and wedge may separate and can easily be removed individually. Additional curing is recommended at the axial angles, normally when using steel matrixes. Final finishing and polishing may then take place.



- Insert as a wedge with a sligthly downward and curved movement like a "curved suture needle".
- Convex matrix shape with flexible wing exerts pressure for maintained separation and cervical marginal adaption. The correct position of the wing is under the level of preparation.
- The pre-contoured contact point adjusts to the space and forms a correct contact.


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