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Clinical Tips: FenderMate Temp
The all-in-one solution

The all-in-one solution for safe and easy preparation and filling of temporary proximal restorations. FenderMate Temp is a stainless steel matrix on a plastic wedge that is easily placed into the proximal area before preparation. It protects the adjacent tooth from unnecessary damage and minimizes contamination of blood from the gingival pocket. After preparation FenderMate Temp can easily curved to follow the tooth anatomy, facilitating precise fillings and minimizing the risk of problems caused by overhang on temporary restorations.


Curve around the tooth to create an acceptable anatomical shape and minimized finishing (pic.1). FenderMate Temp in place for a temporary filling. Fill the cavity with any type of temporary filling material (pic.2). High quality temporary filling with acceptable contact completed fast and easy (pic.3).

How should I use FenderMate Temp?

FenderMate Temp is the all-in-one solution for safe and easy preparation and filling of temporary proximal restorations. Protection: Insert FenderMate Temp lingually or buccally. Do the preparation while the adjacent tooth and the gingival are protected. Matrix: Curve FenderMate Temp around the tooth and create a matrix for an acceptable anatomical shape for a temporary filling. Fill the cavity with any temporary materials. A high quality temporary filling completed fast and safely.




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