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Clinical Tips: Spotit
C&B contact adjustment for exact fitting of prosthetics

Directa’s contact finder Spotit is a coloured marker available on straight and angled handle. As the marker traverses the contact between the prosthetic element and the adjacent tooth it leaves a clear and accurate indication of the adjustment needed for a perfect contact point. The whole operation can be performed without assistance - holding the crown with one hand and the marker with the other hand.


The implandt construction in place. The contact is a little too tight (pic.1). Spotit passes through the hard contact while the implant construction is carefully pressed. Only one time! (pic.2). Spotit gave a clean indication where to do the adjustment (pic.3). On the adjacent tooth is also an accurate indication for adjustment (pic.4) 

How should I use Spotit?

Spotit is a coloured marker that indicates exactly where to adjust contacts before final cementation of C&B works. Put the C&B work in place. Press carefully. Pass Spotit through the hard contact one time only. Remove the C&B work and find the exact spot where you adjust the contact. Repeat if necessary. Do the final cementation.



- Place crown or bridge and push Spotit through the contact to get the indication mark. 
- The exact indication of where trimming is needed.