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Using blunt instruments in the oral cavity in connection with peroral endoscopy or intubation can be hazardous to the teeth. ECT can induce the patient to bite heavily, causing damages to teeth. The Camo tooth protector helps minimise the risk of damageing the teeth.and can quickly be inserted into the patients mouth. Useful in general medicine during endoscopy, intubation, electroshock therapy and other procedures



Resilient and reinforced tooth protector?
The bottom of the outer shell is reinforced to give additional protection to the teeth preventing perforation. The soft silicone, covered by the polythene film, moulds to teeth giving all round support and protection. The combination of the hard outer shell and soft lining gives the device strength yet allows it to adapt to the patients dentition ensuring full protection and minimal risk of dislodgement.

Is it safe to use the Camo tooth protector?
In order to prevent inhalation or ingestion, a cotton cord is attached to the shell. The silicone makes the dental splint firm and sturdy. To prevent fragments dislodging, the silicone is wrapped by a thin polythene film. Do not remove the film.

Do you have Camo in different sizes or does it fit all my patients?
Camo tooth protector fits most jaws, both mandibular and maxillary. For a smaller jaw, the shell can be trimmed with a sharp instrument. Both jaws can be protected simultaneously without excessively diminishing the necessary area for peroral endoscopies.

Is Camo for single use only? 
Yes, single use only. Shall not be sterilized or re-used as intended use can be jeopardized. 

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