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FAQ: Luxator LX

Setting a new standard for trauma free extraction, the Luxator LX Mechanical Periotome offers improved safety, precision and access. Quicker extractions with minimal tissue damage, Luxator LX help access hard to reach areas for optimal access. The self directing tip allows the periotome tip to follow the root surface, reducing the risk of bone damage. With a reciprocating tip to enable a secure cutting of the fibers in a patient friendly way. Luxator LX Mechanical Periotome will only cut when under pressure, which means no risk of slipping.


What is the recommended speed for Luxator LX?

The recommended speed for Luxator LX is 2000-4000 rpm on a unit motor and 1,000 rpm on a electric implant motor.

What happens if I exceed the recommended speed when using Luxator LX?

A faster speed than rekommended will not make extractions easier or faster, but it will cause uncomfortable vibrations for the patient and the operator. In the logn run it might also damage the contrangle. > For a more technical description of the Luxator LX go to Clinical Tips!

Maintenance, cleaning and sterilisation of Luxator LX?

Luxator LX Handpiece
Warnings: Do not immerse the handpiece into disinfection solutions or into ultrasonic baths. These solutions may contain chemicals that may impede or freeze the handpiece drive mechanism. The handpiece shall NOT be disassembled.
Limitations on reprocessing: Sterilize the handpiece a maximum of 250 cycles. We recommend that you send the handpiece to the manfucturer for service after 250 uses/cycles, or every 12 months (whichever come first).
Point of use: Clean off blood and debris by using a non-metal brush (to avoid scratching the instrument) under running cold water and dry the instrument with a soft cloth.

- Manual cleaning: Not recommended
- Automated cleaning: a) Dish washer. Detergent: low alkaline. b) or automatic reprocessing machine for dental handpieces
- Ultrasonic baths: Not recommended. See warnings.
- Chemical disinfection: Not recommended.
- Washer disinfector: a) 93°C .Detergent: low alkaline. b) or automatic reprocessing machine for dental handpieces

Drying: Shall be dried in an upright position.

- Manual: Insert the spray can nozzle into the motor input of the handpiece and push the button of the can until the liquid coming out from the head of the handpiece is clear. This takes a few seconds. Wipe off excess fluid with a paper towel. Use only approved lubricants for dental handpieces.
- Machine: Automatic reprocessing machine, including lubriction process, for dental handpieces.

Inspection and Function testing: Visually inspect for damage and wear. No scratches. Check that there is no gap between head and body. Check the chuck by inserting a tip. You should not be able to pull the tip with you finger. If any of the above appears, do not use the handpiece and contact the manufacturer.

At the clinic: validated processes as per  ISO 17665-1:2006

- B-type Steam autoclave: Pack in sterilisation bag of paper/clear film and which is according to applicable standards. The sterilisation bag must be large enough for the handpiece so that the bag is not stretched. Pack individually. Check correct sealing. At least 3 minutes at 134°C (F 273°F) required pressure 3,06 bar (27 psi).
- Automated: Automatic reprocessing machine. Note: sterility is not preserved.

Storage: Protect from dust and dirt.

Additional information: It is important that the handpiece is properly reprocessed and lubricated after each use.

Luxator LX Periotome Tips
Warnings: Do not sharpen the tips as this will damage the coating.
Limitations on reprocessing: See inspection.
Point of use: Remove blood and debris. Soak in disinfection solution.
Preparation: It is recommended to place the tips in tip holder to avoid interference that may cause damages to the tips.

- Manual cleaning: Not recommended
- Automated cleaning: Dish washer. Detergent: low alkaline.
- Ultrasonic baths: Place in tip holder. See preparation.
- Chemical disinfection: Not recommended.
- Washer disinfector: 93°C. Detergent: low alkaline.

Inspection: Viusually inspect for damages. The coating shall be intact. The edge shall present a continous edge. If any damage, discard the tip.

- B-type Steam autoclave: Pack in sterile bag. At least 3 minutes at 134°C (F 273°F) Required pressure 3,06 bar (27 psi)

Storage: Protect from dust and dirt.
Additional information: Handle with care – sharp edges.