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FAQ: TrayCleaner

A trouble free way to remove stubborn debris from impression trays. Useful in the dental practice as well as laboratory.


Can I use TrayCleaner to disinfect my impression trays?

TrayCleaner is ONLY to dissolve alginate. Thereafter the tray need to be cleaned in any other way.

How often shall the water be changed?
Change the water once a week or when you see it is muddy. It is really up to the clinic to decide!

What’s the best way to remove alginate from trays with TrayCleaner?
The best way is to let alginate dry until it is hard, it will take about a day. Place the tray in water a couple of hours so the superficial layer dissolves, and then remove the alginate mass. Place the tray in TrayCleaner solution to dissolve the remaining alginate rests. Wash and disinfect the tray. The second best way is to remove alginate directly when fresh, place the tray in the Tray cleaner solution and finally wash and disinfect the tray.