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Webinars: Dr. Bartosz Suliborski


He graduated Medical Academy in Łodz (Poland) in 1996. In 2001 he defended his doctoral thesis on functional disorders of chewing organs. He participated in the annual AEGD (Advanced Education in General Dentistry) program at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA, which is confirmed by college’s certificate (July 2002). After AEGD program he was clinical instructor for the AEGD program (University of Maryland). Since 2005 he is coordinator of the cooperation program between the Medical University of Lodz and the University of Maryland.

He is currently an assistant in the Department of Reconstructive Dentistry, Department of Functional Disorders of the Chewing Organ of the Institute of Dentistry of the Medical University of Lodz. He completed his specialization in dental surgery. In 2009, he began training at the University of New York: LINHART CONTINUING DENTAL EDUCATION, the Implant Continuum Education NYU & OSIS & CEIA program, which he completed in August 2012, obtaining a certificate from the University of New York. Since 2016, a member of the Polish Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (PASE).

He is a speaker of many lectures and practical courses both in Poland and abroad. He is the author and co-author of numerous publications in Polish and international dental publications, scientific editor and translator of one of the latest biomimetics textbooks: “Adhesive porcelain restorations in the section Pascal Magne, Urs Belser, Quintessence Publishing House 2010 and a translator of 7 other specialist book publications, including: “The Basics of Piezoelectric Surgery” Tomaso Vercellotti, Quintessence Publishing 2010. He has an active scientific collaboration with the University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA. In 2013, he was awarded the Associate Fellowship of the World Clinical Laser Institute. Since March 2012 he also has been running private practice “Fordent” in Łódź.


Previous Webinars


Atraumatic Extractions 
 – solutions in the perioprosthetic aspect

Atraumatic extractions: when, how and why? Appendicular changes after extraction. Immediate implants placement. When does the at-raumatic approach make sense?

During the webinar, dr. Bartosz Suliborski will talk about:
- Definition and purposes of extraction and atraumatic extraction.
- How to plan properly a teeth extraction – patient’s expectations: surgical treatment, post-operative, restorative chances after the extraction.
- Complications after the extraction.
- Instrumentarium: traditional tools compared to classic and mechanical Luxator, Directa.
- When and how to preserve the tooth?
- Experimental restorative treatment.

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Atraumatic Extractions - Solutions in the Perioprosthetic Perspective (PL)

Atraumatic extractions: when, how and why? Appendicular changes after extraction. Immediate implant capabilities. When does the atraumatic approach make sense? - these are the main issues that will be the theme of the June webinar.

During an hour's lecture, Dr. Bartosz Suliborski, MD will also discuss:
- the definition and objectives of extraction and atraumatic extraction
- planning extraction - patient expectations: cross-functional, post-activity, reproductive capacity of the area after extraction
- complications after extraction
- instrumentarium: traditional tools and classical and mechanical Luxator, Directa
- when trying to keep a tooth
- reproductive experiment
- extraction-implantation

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