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Webinars: Dr. Mikael Zimmerman


Dr Mikael Zimmerman is one of the prominent professionals in quality assurance, hygiene and infection control in dentistry. He is also a well known international lecturer and consultant in both the dental and the medical field. Dr Mikael Zimmerman is, working with development and education concerning cross-infection, quality assurance and quality development in the dental field. On several occasions, Dr Mikael Zimmerman has been an advisor to the Swedish Foreign Ministry on hygiene and infection control. He has also been an advisor to the Swedish Armed Forces in the development of the Medical Care System to be used by The Nordic Battle Group.Dr Mikael Zimmerman is a member of the subgroup for dental professionals within Strama - the Swedish strategic programme against antibiotic resistance.


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Dentistry - A High risk activity? 

Cross infection control must be considered as today's most important tasks in all health care systems. The level of antibiotic resistant bacteria is increasing globally, which will have consequences on all current available advanced treatments.

There is an increasing risk of severe infection both to the professionals and to patients, so choosing the correct equipment and using & maintaining it properly are more important than they have ever been. The human body has protective barriers in form of the skin, the mucous membranes, and the enamel/dentin of the teeth. Hygiene and infection control in clinical dentistry must encompass not only the risk of transmitting infection but also susceptibility to infection. In all health care situations, it is important to consider the consequences of opening, penetrating, or altering fragile barriers. A key issue is to maintain or strengthen important protective functions.

- Practical infection control considerations
- Practical principles and routines for disinfection and sterilization
- Aseptical surgical techniques.
- Minimal invasive dentistry
- Antibiotics and antimicrobials

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