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549909 - Colour Code Tape, assortment, 8 pcs
€ 92,00    
549910 - Colour Code Tape, white
€ 12,00    
549911 - Colour Code Tape, yellow
€ 12,00    
549912 - Colour Code Tape, red
€ 12,00    
549913 - Colour Code Tape, blue
€ 12,00    
549914 - Colour Code Tape, green
€ 12,00    
549915 - Colour Code Tape, black
€ 12,00    
549916 - Colour Code Tape, orange
€ 12,00    
549917 - Colour Code Tape, brown
€ 12,00    
Napkin Holder
Colour Code Rings
Cheek Retractor
Measuring Devices
Tray Cleaner
Roto Stand


Colour Code-Tape
Adhers to any kind of instrument

Adhesive colour code tape in 8 different coulours that adheres to any kind of instrument. Can be cold sterilized or autoclaved.  Available in individual rolls or in assortment of 8 pcs. Length: 3 m, Width: 6 mm


Prod No.

Prod No: 549909  Colour Code-Tape Assortment, 1x 8 pcs  
Prod No: 549910  Colour Code-Tape, white, 1 pc  
Prod No: 549911  Colour Code-Tape, yellow, 1 pc  
Prod No: 549912  Colour Code-Tape, red, 1 pc  
Prod No: 549913  Colour Code-Tape, blue, 1 pc  
Prod No: 549914  Colour Code-Tape, green, 1 pc  
Prod No: 549915  Colour Code-Tape, black, 1 pc  
Prod No: 549916  Colour Code-Tape, orange, 1 pc  
Prod No: 549917  Colour Code-Tape, brown, 1 pc  


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