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PractiPal trays organize and secure storage of instrument and is optimal for cleaning and safe handling of dental instruments.
With a wide range of colours and types of accessories, PractiPal makes it easy for you to design and differentiate configurations for surgery, dentist and individual operatories. With a minimized frame incorporate an ingenious means of securing instruments loosely, to ensure maximum water penetration for optimum washing, ultrasonic cleaning or simply rinsing. The open design ensures optimal cleaning and maximum safety for patients and staff.
PractiPal includes secure bur, file and accessory holders that clip into the tray but are easy to remove. Once a cassette is configurated it can be reused time and time again. Simple, practical and helpful!

PractiPal Full Tray
PractiPal Mini Tray
PractiPal Half Tray
PractiPal Instrument Clamp
PractiPal MultiBlock
PractiPal Bur/Endostand
PractiPal Compact Bur and File Stand
PractiPal Disposables