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115150 - Instrument Clamp, grey
€ 30,00    
115151 - Instrument Clamp, red
€ 30,00    
115152 - Instrument Clamp, yellow
€ 30,00    
115153 - Instrument Clamp, blue
€ 30,00    
115154 - Instrument Clamp, green
€ 30,00    
115155 - Instrument Clamp, lilac
€ 30,00    
115156 - Instrument Clamp, pink
€ 30,00    
115157 - Instrument Clamp, mint green
€ 30,00    
115158 - Instrument Clamp, orange
€ 30,00    
115040 - Mini Clamp, grey
€ 24,00    
115041 - Mini Clamp, red
€ 24,00    
115042 - Mini Clamp, yellow
€ 24,00    
115043 - Mini Clamp, blue
€ 24,00    
115044 - Mini Clamp, green
€ 24,00    
115045 - Mini Clamp, lilac
€ 24,00    
115046 - Mini Clamp, pink
€ 24,00    
115047 - Mini Clamp, mint green
€ 24,00    
115048 - Mini Clamp, orange
€ 24,00    
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Instrument Clamp

Secures instruments for optimal cleaning without damage. Available in nine different colours and two sizes. One for Full and Half Tray and one for PractiPal Mini Tray.


Prod No.

Prod No: 115150  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, grey 1 pc
Prod No: 115151  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, red  1 pc
Prod No: 115152  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, yellow 1 pc
Prod No: 115153  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, blue 1 pc
Prod No: 115154  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, green 1 pc
Prod No: 115155  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, lilac 1 pc
Prod No: 115156  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, pink 1 pc
Prod No: 115157  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, mint green 1 pc
Prod No: 115158  PractiPal Instrument Clamp, orange 1 pc

Prod No: 115040  PractiPal Mini Clamp, grey  1 pc
Prod No: 115041  PractiPal Mini Clamp, red  1 pc
Prod No: 115042  PractiPal Mini Clamp, yellow  1 pc
Prod No: 115043  PractiPal Mini Clamp, blue  1 pc
Prod No: 115044  PractiPal Mini Clamp, green  1 pc
Prod No: 115045  PractiPal Mini Clamp, lilac  1 pc
Prod No: 115046  PractiPal Mini Clamp, pink  1 pc
Prod No: 115047  PractiPal Mini Clamp, mint green 1 pc
Prod No: 115048  PractiPal Mini Clamp, orange  1 pc


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