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731111 - ProphyCare Yellow 40, Tube, 84 g 60 ml
€ 20,00    
690120 - ProphyCare Yellow 40, Single Dose, 144x 2 g
€ 95,00    
690119 - ProphyCare Single Dose Mix, 144x 2 g
€ 95,00    
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ProphyCare Green 170
ProphyCare Red 120
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ProphyCare®  Yellow 40

- For final polishing of teeth and fillings
- For pediatric dentistry
- Low abrasion ideal for polish in patients with cervical toothbrush abrasion lesions
- Ideal for polishing implants
- Gives a smooth surface
- Ideal after air polishing treatment
- Abrasive agent: silica
- Contains 0,1% Fluoride
- Use in combination with other Prophy Pastes

Prophy Paste is second to none in performance, handling and dispensing. The unique non-splattering, homogeneous formula does not dry out, liquify or separate. Thick layers of plaque and stains are easily removed leaving a fresh and smooth minty sensation after each treatment. Packed in easy to dispense, colour coded tubes and single dose disposable cups. Available in 4 different grits from coarse to extra-fine. Contains 0,1% fluoride.


4 reasons to use ProphyCare®  Yellow 20

1. For pediatric dentistry
2. Low abrasion ideal for polish in patients with cervical toothbrush abrasion lesions
3. Ideal for polishing implants and after air polishing treatment
4. Gives a smooth surface


Prod No.

Prod No: 731111 ProphyCare Yellow 20, Tubes, 84g 60ml
Prod No: 690120 ProphyCare Yellow 20, Single Dose, 144 x 2 g
Prod No: 690119 ProphyCare Single Dose Mix, 144x 2 g


Selection Guide

  Blue RDA 250 Green RDA 170 Red RDA 120  Yellow RDA 40
Very discoloured surfaces        
Thick plaque        
Discoloured teeth        
Universal paste        
Small amounts of plaque        
Root Surfaces        
Slightly discoloured teeth        
Cervical toothbrush abrasion lesions        
Final polishing        
After air polishing treatment        
Final polish        

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