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FenderMate® D-Coat

FenderMate D-Coat is soon to be available and is a new addition to the FenderMate series. Our unique no-ring matrix system is now redesigned with a multilayer diamond coating combining a better visual contrast with anti-stick properties. Your high-quality class II composite restorations can now be achieved without adhesion to the matrix. The dark matt color will facilitate your work by giving excellent contrast. Like the original FenderMate, the pre-curved matrix includes a contact point and comes attached to a specially designed wedge which allows tight cervical sealings with no overhang.

FenderMate D-Coat is available in refill and assortments. The four colors allow an easy distinction between left or right curve (green/blue), and wedge size (light = thin, dark = thick)


4 reasons to use FenderMate® D-Coat

1. Non-sticking coating
2. Dark & matt surface
3. One piece design
4. No cervical overhang


Prod No.

Prod No: 602990 FenderMate D-Coat, refill, dark green, 18 pcs
Prod No: 602991 FenderMate D-Coat, refill, light green, 18 pcs
Prod No: 602992 FenderMate D-Coat, refill, dark blue, 18 pcs
Prod No: 602993 FenderMate D-Coat, refill, light blue, 18 pcs
Prod No: 602994 FenderMate D-Coat, assortment, 4 x 18 pcs



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