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Nobetec® Liquid

Nobetec is a tissue compatible multi-purpose ZOE-cement. The powder and liquid offers the possibility to mix different consistencies for various applications. Nobetec is known for its strength!  Cementation of temporary crowns and bridges. It is also easy to remove without falling off ahead of schedule when used for cementation of temporary crowns and bridges. When using Nobetec as temporary filling the adhesion is excellent but at the same time it is easily removed by means of an excavator or a burr drill. 

- Eugenol
- Balsam of Canada, Balsam of Peru


4 reasons to use Nobetec®

1. ZOE-cement
2. Stays in place as long as needed
3. Excellent adhesion 
4. Long and successful history 


Prod No.

Prod No: 1250200  Nobetec Liquid, 20 ml


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