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609550 - Temporary Molar, Assortment, 2x36 pcs
€ 125,00    



Temporary polycarbonate crowns molar, translucent

Directa crowns are made of high quality polycarbonate which is resilient to mouth fluids and not brittle so it can be trimmed without risk of damage. The unique Directa Selecta mould guide makes even tiny crowns easy to handle, select and dispense. Simply select the right size and mould quickly and easily. The Selecta is then refilled from the organiser box ready for next time. 


Prod No.

Prod No: 609550 Directa Temporary Molar, Assortment, 2x36 pcs
Prod No: 609555 - 89 Directa Temporary Molar, Refills (see list below), 3 pcs 

Product No’s for refill packages supplied in multiples of 5

Prod No: 609555, Directa Molar U1R Upper Right Prod No: 609563, Directa Molar U1L Upper Left
Prod No: 609556, Directa Molar U2R Upper Right Prod No: 609564, Directa Molar U2L Upper Left
Prod No: 609557, Directa Molar U3R Upper Right Prod No: 609565, Directa Molar U3L Upper Left
Prod No: 609558, Directa Molar U4R Upper Right Prod No: 609566, Directa Molar U4L Upper Left
Prod No: 609590, Directa Molar U5R Upper Right Prod No: 609567, Directa Molar U5L Upper Left
Prod No: 609559, Directa Molar U6R Upper Right Prod No: 609568, Directa Molar U6L Upper Left
Prod No: 609560, Directa Molar U7R Upper Right Prod No: 609569, Directa Molar U7L Upper Left
Prod No: 609561, Directa Molar U8R Upper Right Prod No: 609570, Directa Molar U8L Upper Left
Prod No: 609562, Directa Molar U9R Upper Right Prod No: 609571, Directa Molar U9L Upper Left
Prod No: 609572, Directa Molar L1R Lower Right Prod No: 609581, Directa Molar L1L Lower Left
Prod No: 609573, Directa Molar L2R Lower Right Prod No: 609582, Directa Molar L2L Lower Left
Prod No: 609574, Directa Molar L3R Lower Right Prod No: 609583, Directa Molar L3L Lower Left
Prod No: 609575, Directa Molar L4R Lower Right Prod No: 609584, Directa Molar L4L Lower Left
Prod No: 609576, Directa Molar L5R Lower Right Prod No: 609585, Directa Molar L5L Lower Left
Prod No: 609577, Directa Molar L6R Lower Right Prod No: 609586, Directa Molar L6L Lower Left
Prod No: 609578, Directa Molar L7R Lower Right Prod No: 609587, Directa Molar L7L Lower Left
Prod No: 609579, Directa Molar L8R Lower Right Prod No: 609588, Directa Molar L8L Lower Left
Prod No: 609580, Directa Molar L9R Lower Right Prod No: 609589, Directa Molar L9L Lower Left

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