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Temporary Crowns Opaque
Temporary Crowns Molar Translucent



Temporary polycarbonate crowns, translucent

Easy to handle, easy to dispense from the Directa mould guide. A selection of sizes for each quadrant. Acclaimed coding system adopted by manufacturers the world over. Directa crowns are made of high quality polycarbonate which is resilient to mouth fluids and can be trimmed without risk of damage. All you need to select and dispense. The unique Directa selecta makes even tiny crowns easy to handle, select and dispense. Simply select the right size and mould quickly and easily. The selecta is then refilled from the organiser box ready for next time. Available in translucent, opaque and molars in several sizes for each quadrant. 


Prod No.

Prod No: 609209-78 Directa Temporary Crowns Translucent, Refills (see list below), 5 pcs

Product No’s for refill packages supplied in multiples of 5

Prod No: 609270, Directa TR 100 Centrals Prod No: 609275, Directa TR 300 Cuspids Prod No: 609250, Directa TR 50 Lower bicuspids long
Prod No: 609271, Directa TR 101 Centrals Prod No: 609276, Directa TR 301 Cuspids Prod No: 609251, Directa TR 51 Lower bicuspids long
Prod No: 609210, Directa TR 10 Centrals Prod No: 609230, Directa TR 30 Cuspids Prod No: 609252, Directa TR 52 Lower bicuspids long
Prod No: 609211, Directa TR 11 Centrals Prod No: 609231, Directa TR 31 Cuspids Prod No: 609253, Directa TR 53 Lower bicuspids long
Prod No: 909212, Directa TR 12 Centrals Prod No: 609232, Directa TR 32 Cuspids Prod No: 609254, Directa TR 54 Lower bicuspids long
Prod No: 609213, Directa TR 13 Centrals Prod No: 609233, Directa TR 33 Cuspids Prod No: 609255, Directa TR 55 Lower bicuspids short
Prod No: 609214, Directa TR 14 Centrals Prod No: 609234, Directa TR 34 Cuspids Prod No: 609556, Directa TR 56 Lower bicuspids short
Prod No: 906215, Directa TR 15 Centrals Prod No: 609235, Directa TR 35 Cuspids Prod No: 609257, Directa TR 57 Lower bicuspids short
Prod No: 609216, Directa TR 16 Centrals Prod No: 609236, Directa TR 36 Cuspids Prod No: 609258, Directa TR 58 Lower bicuspids short
Prod No: 609217, Directa TR 17 Centrals Prod No: 609237, Directa TR 37 Cuspids Prod No: 609259, Directa TR 59 Lower bicuspids short
Prod No: 609218, Directa TR 18 Centrals Prod No: 609238, Directa TR 38 Cuspids Prod No: 609260, Directa TR 60 Lower incisors
Prod No: 609219, Directa TR 19 Centrals Prod No: 609239, Directa TR 39 Cuspids Prod No: 609261, Directa TR 61 Lower incisors
Prod No: 609272, Directa TR 102 Centrals Prod No: 609277, Directa TR 302 Cuspids Prod No: 609262, Directa TR 62 Lower incisors
Prod No: 609273, Directa TR 103 Centrals Prod No: 609278, Directa TR 303 Cuspids Prod No: 609263, Directa TR 63 Lower incisors
Prod No: 609209, Directa TR 2 Laterals Prod No: 609240, Directa TR 40 Upper bicuspids long Prod No: 609264, Directa TR 64 Lower incisors
Prod No: 609220, Directa TR 20 Laterals Prod No: 609241, Directa TR 41 Upper bicuspids long Prod No: 609265, Directa TR 65 Lower incisors
Prod No: 609221, Directa TR 21 Laterals Prod No: 609242, Directa TR 42 Upper bicuspids long Prod No: 609266, Directa TR 66 Lower incisors
Prod No: 609222, Directa TR 22 Laterals Prod No: 609243, Directa TR 43 Upper bicuspids long Prod No: 609267, Directa TR 67 Lower incisors
Prod No: 609223, Directa TR 23 Laterals Prod No: 609244, Directa TR 44 Upper bicuspids long Prod No: 609268, Directa TR 68 Lower incisors
Prod No: 609234, Directa TR 24 Laterals Prod No: 609245, Directa TR 45 Upper bicuspids short Prod No: 609269, Directa TR 69 Lower incisors
Prod No: 609225, Directa TR 25 Laterals Prod No: 609246, Directa TR 46 Upper bicuspids short  
Prod No: 609226, Directa TR 26 Laterals Prod No: 609247, Directa TR 47, Upper bicuspids short  
Prod No: 609227, Directa TR 27 Laterals Prod No: 609248, Directa TR 48, Upper bicuspids short  
Prod No: 609228, Directa TR 28 Laterals Prod No: 609249, Directa TR 49, Upper bicuspids short  
Prod No: 609229, Directa TR 29 Laterals    
Prod No: 609274, Directa TR 200 Laterals    

Image Gallery

3 Step Download:
- Left click on the desired image from the gallery.
- Left click on the name of the image BELOW the actual image.
- Right click on the image, choose ‘Save picture as’ and save.

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