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Dr. Aleksandar Dakic

Dr Dakic is a brilliant periodontologist/implantologist who tirelessly combines his private dental practice with a position as assistant professor at the University Hospital Rothschild, University Paris Diderot Paris 7. He graduated in Paris in 2012 and completed his specialisation in periodontology and implantology in 2016. Dr. Dakic holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Periodontology and a Master Degree in Oral Sciences from the University Paris Diderot.

A frequent lecturer with periodontology/dental surgery as his special subjects, Dr. Dakic is a member of the French Society of Periodontology and Oral Implantology (SFPIO) and the author of a number of scientific publications about the use of antibiotics in dental treatements and about non-surgical periodontal therapy.

Dr. Dakic came in contact with Directa already as a student, starting his partnership as a Luxator demonstrator at ADF dental exhibition in Paris. He has been an enthusiastic Luxator user ever since.

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