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Dr. David Peñarrocha

Assistant Professor of Oral Surgery and Implantology, University of Valencia since 2014, Dr Peñarrocha holds a Degree in Dentistry (Best Academic Record) from the University of Valencia, where he also completed his Master in Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry and his Master in Oral Sciences. He holds a Diploma in Periodontics, University of Santiago de Compostela and an International PhD in Dentistry (Cum Laude) obtained from the University of Valencia. In 2010-2014 he joined the VALid Program for Young Researchers of the Council of Education of Valencia and in 2014-2015 he was awarded an ITI Scholarship at Postgraduate and Research Division, Dentistry Faculty, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).  He was a collaborating Professor of the Master in Oral Surgery and Implantology, University of Valencia, 2012-2014 and Associate Professor of Periodontics (bilingual program), CEU Cardenal Herrera University, Valencia, 2012-2014.

Dr Peñarrocha’s main research interests are periapical surgery, orofacial pain, oral implantology in different clinical and anatomic conditions like epidermolisis and maxillary atrophy. He co-authored about 255 indexed and 140 non indexed papers and published 15 books, 26 book chapters and 4 online monographies.

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