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Dr. Laurence Berenholc-Bury

Dr. Bury has been practising general dentistry for over 30 years. She set up her practice in Paris 27 years ago and has been working there ever since. She now employs 3 other colleagues, each with their own specialty. Besides her dentistry degree, Dr. Bury holds a diploma in health journalism from the Paris Cochin Hospital. She has long provided consultancy work to a handful of world-class dental product manufacturers, including Sirona and is now a  dentist trainer for the French manufacturer Itena Clinical.

Dr. Bury has worked 7 years as a journalist for the Frennch dental magazine L’Independentaire where she has contributed to numerous articles. In 2008 and 2009, she worked as Scientific Editor for the French edition of Dental Tribune. In 2011, she was promoted to the position of Chief Editor. In January 2018, she lectured at the Malaysian SCATE about a “treatment and prevention of oral inflammations: a periodontal gel with a clinically-proven efficacy”.





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