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Physics® Forceps

The Physics Forceps are an atraumatic extraction system that provides a simple, predictable, and unconventional method of extracting teeth regardless of a practitioner’s extraction experience, or the condition of the tooth. It operates as an elevator, rather than forceps, using first-class lever mechanics.
The Physics Forceps are effective in most cases, including decayed or broken-down teeth, endodontically treated teeth, fractured or fragile teeth, curved or long rooted molars and cuspids, or any tooth that would historically be challenging with conventional instrumentation. The Physics Forceps are ideal for implantologist that wants to preserve the surrounding bone and tissue in preparation for dental implants.

Physics Forceps - Standard Series
Physics Forceps - Molar Series
Physics Forceps - Paediatric Series
Bumper Guards - Molar Series
Bumper Guards - Paediatric Series
Bumper Guards - Standard Series