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The ability to reduce trauma during tooth extraction has become extremely important, especially for patients requiring subsequent implant placement with minimal bone lost. Modern implant techniques require real alternatives to traumatic forcep extractions. The Luxator product line offers a safe and precise solution for successful extractions. The fine tapered blade compresses the alveolar, cuts the membrane, and gently eases the tooth from its socket reducing damage to surrounding tissue, keeping a better anatomy for an implant site. The shape and size of the handle is designed to minimize the force needed during the extraction. The thin blade can be easily inserted between the bone and the root with minimal destruction. Manufactured with Swedish stainless steel, these instruments are extremely durable, retaining their strength and sharpness after repeated used and sterilization. With their acclaimed ergonomic handle Luxator Instruments are discernibly different and recognized worldwide as one of the best surgical instruments on the market! Luxator® is a registered trademark owned by Directa.

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