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Luxator® P-series

The Luxator P-series offers the advantage of working with a penholder grip giving increased tactility, an important feature as these new instruments are thinner and sharper than the original Luxator instruments. Initiating the extraction process with the P-series range will simplify the work considerably.


4 reasons to use Luxator® P-series

1. Probe and separating
2. Minimum power required
3. User friendly instruments
4. Easy to cut the periodontal ligaments


Prod No.

Prod No: 506631 Luxator P1, straight blade, dark green
Prod No: 506632 Luxator P2, inverted curved, light blue
Prod No: 506633 Luxator P3, contra angle, dark blue
Prod No: 506634 Luxator P4, dual edge, lilac
Prod No: 506635 Luxator Kit PK4, 4 pcs


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