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ProphyCare, is one of the most well-known brands of prophylaxis paste worldwide. You choose prophylactic paste after evaluating the degree of discolouration, presence of exposed dentin or cementum, aesthetic and other restorative materials, areas of demineralisation, etc. ProphyCare pastes are available in different grits from coarse to extra-fine and are colour coded for easy identification for the best choice for extensive plaque and stain removal or smooth final polishing.

ProphyCare Blue 250 and ProphyCare Green 170 are pumice-based pastes used for removal of plaque, calculus and stains caused by e.g., coffee, tea, tobacco.

ProphyCare Red 120 and ProphyCare Yellow 40 are finer hydrated silica based ProphyCare pastes used for a gentle removal of small amounts of plaque and lighter stains, final polishing of teeth, as well as polishing of implants, porcelain crowns and composite restorations.

A general recommendation depending on the clinical situation is to use more than one paste. Start with high abrasiveness (e.g., blue or green) and finish with the less abrasive paste for polishing (e.g., red or yellow).

With our innovative one-step prophylactic pastes - ProphyCare PRO and ProphyCare HAp – you get effective stain removal properties at the beginning of the treatment, then the abrasive effect gradually reduces, giving the paste its final polishing properties at the end of the treatment.

All ProphyCare pastes have a mild minty taste and do not splatter, it stays in the polishing cup during the treatment. During storage the ProphyCare paste stays homogeneous and does not dry out, liquify or separate. They are packed in easy to dispense tubes and single dose disposable cups, and colour coded for easy identification. Can be used in combination with chlorhexidine.

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