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Directa offers a widespread collection of high quality manufactured restorative products. Our prime focus is on the development and production of advanced technologies and innovative designs combined to manufacture products for optimal performance and maximum durability. Our goal is to facilitate the everyday work of dental practitioners and to maintain a comfortable experience for their patients. Throughout the years Directa’s restorative category has grown as we now offer everything from temporary and permanent composites to matrices, ZEO-cement, crown forms and temporary crowns. A line of etching gel solutions of outstanding consistency aimed for precise application as well as products that help with Class II, Class III, Class IV restorations. The extensive restorative product line is continuously growing as products which will help the clinical outcomes and the dental practitioner’s efficiently and effectiveness are constantly developed. Directa offers solutions for a full range of materials and other tools that are used across restorative dental procedures. Directa continuously strives to design, manufacture and distribute innovative preventive and restorative dental product solutions that are ideal for achieving remarkable aesthetic and functional results.

FenderWedge Prep
FenderMate Temp
FenderMate Prime
FenderMate D-Coat
ANA Etching Gel
Nobetec Powder
Nobetec Liquid
Temporary Crowns Molar Translucent
Temporary Crowns Translucent
Temporary Crowns Opaque
Barmans Wedges
Directa Strips