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Sendoline files discontinued

Due to regulatory requirements, following Sendoline files will be discontinued from Directa product range as of 16 May 2024, Sendoline S5 Rotary Files non-sterile, S5 Retreatment Files, Paste Filler with spring, Paste Filler without spring and EFEX-K files.


New products - expanded range of paraben-free prophylaxis pastes!

Directa's well-known prophylaxis pastes ProphyCare have extended the product range with paraben free options for ProphyCare Green 170 and ProphyCare Yellow 40.

ProphyCare Red 120 and ProphyCare Blue 250 are already available as paraben-free, but we are now pleased to inform you that we have extended the paraben-free range to include even ProphyCare Yellow and ProphyCare Green.


Directa at TandhygienistDagarna 2024

Directa is participating in TandhygienistDagarna in Gothenburg 7-9 April 2024. TandhygienistDagarna is the Swedish Dental Association's annual training days with lectures, dental exhibition and social programme - dental hygienists' own meeting place for competence development and experience training.



Nobetec mixing liquid - New colour, same performance!

The mixing liquid for Nobetec has changed colour from brown to clear due to a new manufacturing process. However, the performance remains the same as before and the raw material used is unchanged. This change in colour does not affect the product in any way and the performance remains the same as before.


Ceramir Pediatric Crowns - the future of modern pediatric dentistry

Directas new products, Ceramir Pediatric Crowns set a new standard for restorative dentistry for children. The unique laser sintering technology makes it possible to manufacture Ceramir Pediatric Crowns with very thin walls, allowing for minimally invasive procedures that preserve as much tooth structure as possible.


Directa launch a new product range, Ceramir CAD/CAM BLOCKS

We are glad and proud to be able to introduce our new product range to the dental market, Ceramir CAD/CAM BLOCKS.

Ceramir CAD/CAM BLOCKS are a breakthrough in the CAD/CAM materials market with its combination of strength, flexbility and aesthetic appearance. Manufactured by using a special advanced patented laser sintering technology, the new Ceramir CAD/CAM BLOCKS have a unique combination of strength and flexibility with a high aesthetic appearance. Ceramir CAD/CAM BLOCKs can be milled to very thin margins while maintaining a high edge stability.


Sendoline S5 Apex Locator discontinued

Sendoline S5 Apex Locator, item number 385S15001 has been discontinued from Directa´s product range by February 2024.


Directa at BDIA in London, 22-23 March 2024

Come and meet us in stand E20 at BDIA in London this year!

We will present the new Sendoline S3 System together with a wide range of our high quility products for dental professionals. 


Meet up with Directa in Paris, 27 June 2024

Directa will attend Journée de l’Information Praticien on June 27th in Paris. Take the opportunity to have a closer look on our broad range of quality products for your dental clinic.

We will present our new unique Sendoline S3 System with which you can perfom endodontic treatments with reciprocating or continuous rotation using the same instruments. We will also present Luxator, TrollFoil, Fenders and more. Click here to get more information of the event!



Directa are a proud sponsor of Dentists Without Borders

This year we are once again supporting the important work of Dentists Without Borders.

The work of Dentists Without Borders is to raise awareness of dental health issues, educate children and adults on oral hygiene and good nutrition, and provide emergency care.


Directa has reached an agreement of acquiring Kohler Medizintechnik

Instruments from KOHLER stand for innovation, quality and precision - the values expressed by the family business and its 75 employees for 35 years. More than 4,000 instruments for general dentistry, oral implantology and maxillofacial surgery and countless OEM products for well-known companies in the dental industry are developed and produced at the site in Germany and supplied to distributors and wholesalers in over 80 countries worldwide. Kohler Medizintechnik will be managed independently, having full responsibility and autonomy for their own operations.


Directa at IDS in Cologne 14-18 March

Come and visit us at IDS this year, Hall 10.1 Stand G088-H089!

We have a lot of new exciting products in Directa product range this year and are really looking forward to show them to you.



Directa has reached an agreement of acquiring Doxa Dental AB

The products of Ceramir, will be included in the product range of Directa as of February 1st, 2023. The acquisition of Doxa Dental strengthens the product range offering from Directa. With Ceramir in our product portfolio, we will cover more segments of the market and further strengthen to position of Directa as a manufacturer of premium products.


Live Demos at ADF in Paris 2022

Are you visiting ADF in Paris 23-25 November?

We are really looking forward to meet you and hope you will take the opportuntiy to get inspired watching our live demos from TrollDental, Ronvig and Parkell.

Welcome to our stand 1L13 and learn how to simplify your daily clinial work!

Take a look at the schedule below!


New product: ProphyCare HAp

With the new ProphyCare HAp we are offering the new generation of prophy pastes, providing your patient with a powerful relief from dentin hypersensitivity. ProphyCare HAp has a unique composition including hydroxyapatite that effectively will block the open dentin tubules on an exposed dentin surface.



ContacEZ acquisition by Directa

The Swedish manufacturer of dental consumables Directa is proud to announce the acquisition of the US based manufacturer ContacEZ. ContacEZ is a leading manufacturer of innovative products designed to achieve ideal proximal contacts and complete marginal seating with accurate occlusion, perform safe and stress-free interproximal reduction and remove dangerous subgingival overhangs, and more. ContacEZ is the first and only company focused on developing techniques and solutions for the interproximal space, with ContacEZ Restorative Strips being the most well-known and appreciated product worldwide.


Directa has reached an agreement of acquiring Sendoline AB.

The products will be included in the product range of Directa as of January 1st 2021. The acquisition of Sendoline strengthen the endodontic offering from Directa. With the additional products in our portfolio we will cover more segments of the market and further strengthen to position of Directa as a manufacturer of premium products.


Welcome to the new environmental concious world of Orsing - division of DirectaDentalgroup

As a dental manufacturer, we strive to find new innovative ways to switch to renewable and recyclable materials for our products and packaging while maintaining product safety. In the past few years Orsing has been actively looking into ways to reduce its share of greenhouse gas emission and recently introduced a product line entirely manufactured from renewable resources. Orsing’s ”bio” line includes Hygoformic Bio, Hygoformic Bio Adaptor, Hygovac Bio, Hygovac Bio Vent and the dental cup Bio Cup made of bamboo fibers.


Directa has reached an agreement of acquiring all products from TrollDental.

The products will be included in the product range of Directa. The acquisition of these strong brands, TrollFoil, TrollBag and TrollByte and TrollByte Kimera GCwill strengthen the total offering from Directa. With the additional products in our portfolio we will cover more segments of the market and further strengthen to position of Directa as a manufacturer of premium products.


Pleased to announce the launch of

A new and innovative platform dedicated entirely to offering quality education for dental professionals. Our webinars are designed and presented by a dynamic international network of dental experts, all of whom are highly knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields. DirectaDentalGroup’s ambition is to inspire dental professionals worldwide, and they are proud to offer a rich variety of webinars which will help you perform at your best. All webinars are free of charge and entitle the participant to 1 CE credit.


DirectaDentalGroup acquires Rönvig Dental Manufacturing A/S

DirectaDentalGroup, a leading global manufacturer of dental consumables and materials, has announced the acquisition of Rönvig Dental Manufacturing A/S, a Denmark based manufacturer of dental products. ”This acquisition marks an important step in the strong, strategic expansion of our business in key market segments”, said Henric Karsk, CEO of DirectaDentalGroup.


Webinar: Predicable Grafting for Any Experience Level and Any Patient Budget Following Atraumatic Extraction

Don’t miss our next live webinar:
Predicable Grafting for Any Experience Level and Any Patient Budget Following Atraumatic Extraction
When: Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 - 6:00 PM GMT
Speaker: Dr. Timothy Kosinski


Webinars in December!

Live and recorded education opportunities to learn about the latest techniques and interact with colleagues worldwide. Respected opinion leaders and dental professionals share their expertise. CE and ADA CERP credits offered. Sign up for all upcoming webinars to help maximize your knowledge of our products and the dental industry.


Minimally invasive surgery? The management of teeth extraction from simple to complex cases.

Speaker: Dr. Jason Motta Jones MSc Oral Surgeon
Release date: 16/11/2018
Expiration date: 16/11/2021

The ability to reduce trauma during tooth extraction is becoming increasingly important especially for patients requiring subsequente implant placement with minimal bone loss. Extracting teeth is a daily practice for dentists. A challenge may occur when these are related to implant placement. Furthermore wisdom teeth are a peculiar aspect of oral surgery. Aim of this dental webinar is to outline the basis of diagnosis to assess the difficulty in every approach. Ergonomics in choosing the appropriate instrumentation is mandatory for a safe and successful surgery.


Directa has reached an agreement of acquiring Physics Forceps from GoldenDent.

The products will be included in the product range of Directa. The acquisition of Physics Forceps will strengthen the offering of atraumatic extraction instruments and complement the Luxator instruments from Directa. With the additional products in our portfolio we will offer more techniques of atraumatic extractions to the market and further strengthen the position of Directa as a manufacturer of premium products.


Best overall company at Dental Directory's Supplier Partnership Day

DirectaDentalGroup was awarded “Best overall company” at Dental Directory’s annual supplier day on May 24th, 2018.Directa’s Sales and Marketing Manager Daniel Rollén was in London to accept the award “We are happy to receive this award as a result of our good partnership and cooperation over the years”.


New effective prophy powder for stain and plaque removal from Directa.

Stockholm, Sweden, May 2018 – Directa launches the latest product in their prophylaxis product line. ProphyCare Prophy Powder is the new, effective powder for removal of stains and plaque.

Directa’s new prophy powder effectively cleans the tooth surface, penetrating into deep pits, fissures and interproximal areas removing heavy stains thoroughly and gently. ProphyCare Prophy Powder is sodium bicarbonate based and contains anti-clogging agents for a trouble-free performance in any air polishing unit, ensuring that an even and maximum flow of powder is continuously applied on each patient.


DirectaDentalGroup Asia Pacific Dealer Sales Meeting

The annual Asia Pacific Dealers Meeting took place in Koh Samui 9-11 April 2018. A chance for us at DirectaDentalGroup (Directa, Topdental, Orsing and Parkell) to present what DirectaDentalGroup have and aim for. As a group of innovative dental manufacturing companies, it is important for us to present our wide range of products that holds leadership positions in the preventative, instrumentation, restorative, hygiene and disinfectants segments.


Top 100 Dentist Youtube Channels for Dentists!

Directa’s YouTube channel was ranked one of the top 100 Dentist YouTube channels from thousands of other top Dentist YouTube Channels by Feedspot.



Spotit® An easy and effective tool to identify contact points for indirect restorations

Determining and checking the proximal contacts when seating a crown can be challenging for any clinician. An inaccurate assessment can lead to excessive adjustment or too large a contact point.


Product evaluation results from the Dental Product Shopper on DryDent® Sublingual and DryDent® Parotid.

PRODUCT EVALUATION: Controlling saliva and moisture during dental procedures is essential, but not always easy.Dental Product Shopper made a product evaluation of DryDent and we are happy to share the result.
Rating his overall satisfaction as excellent, Dr. Jetter shared, “We appreciate any product which helps procedures go smoothly, and this product is certainly one of those.” He added, “I cannot think of any way that it could be improved.” Calling it a good product that delivers as promised, Dr. Tony Storace said he most appreciated its ease of use and universal application.He noted that his hygiene staff and assistants also liked the product. “And if they are happy, the doctors are happy,” Dr. Storace concluded.


DirectaDentalGroup at IDS 2017

This years IDS - International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, is over. A big thank you to everyone who stoped by our stand.
Friends, dealers, visitors and collegues, the motivation we get from your feedback and support is priceless.

A special thanks is also extended to our amazing team for making this event so successful!


DryDent's inventor Kristina Frisk was chosen this year's Female Inventor 2016

Directa is happy to announce that DryDent's inventor Kristina Frisk was chosen this year's Female Inventor 2016 in Sweden.


Gambia - Directa?s Luxator® in voluntary project

“ We have returned from Gambia, exhausted and shocked but really satisfied. From all the team of Siente Gambia including myself
I send you some pictures to recognize and thank you and Directa, as you have been an essential part to allow this voluntary work.
Your help by providing us with the amazing Luxator instruments has been invaluable. We have been much more efficient thanks to you!!"

- Dr. David Peñarrocha-Oltra


Webinar: Composites, Matrix Systems and Rubber dam

Title: Composites (including Fibre reinforced Composites), Matrix Systems and Rubber dam
Date: 8 December 2016 19:30 (UK)
Speaker: Dr. Jansie van Rensburg

After popular demand, we are delighted to be joined once again by composite restorations expert, Jansie Van Rensburg, for an exciting new Directa webinar.  This December, Jansie will be speaking on the topics of Composites (including Fibre reinforced Composites), Matrix Systems and Rubber dam.

Improvements in equipment and materials are key factors in providing the clinician and the patient with new minimally invasive choices. Over the course of one hour, Jansie will take you through relevant subjects such as Fibre reinforced composite, the unique Dry-Dam and different matrix systems with extra focus on the FenderWedge & FenderMate system for posterior composites.


Webinar: Simple, predictable everyday endodontics

Title: Simple, predictable everyday endodontics
Date: December 01, 2016 12:00 PM (EST)
Speaker: Dr. Jure Poglajen

In this webinar, Dr. Jure Poglajen will show already well-known endo irrigants, such as sodium hypochlorite, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid and chlorhexidine, their proper use and correct sequence in combination with laser technology. The webinar will also present an easy application of high concentration calcium hydroxide as an intracanal medication between appointments.


DirectaDentalGroup acquire Parkell Inc.

Edgewood, NY, September 16, 2016-Directa Dental Group, a leading global manufacturer of dental consumables and materials, has announced the acquisition of Parkell, Inc., a USA based manufacturer of dental materials and dental electronics. “This acquisition marks an important step in the strong, strategic expansion of our business in key market segments”, said Henric Karsk, CEO of Directa Dental Group.


Webinar: Minimally invasive aesthetics in everyday practice

Title: Minimally invasive aesthetics in everyday practice
Date: 25 October 2016 1:00 PM (EST)
Speaker: Dr. Jure Poglajen

From class II to diastema closure, this webinar will take you through the latest techniques and materials for tissue-saving, simple and predictable composite restorations.

Minimally invasive dentistry is a well established standard in contemporary dentistry. Methodologies evolve quickly and, as new materials and tools are made available, treatments become increasingly tissue-saving. So what’s the latest when it comes to safe, simple and predictable restorations? During this webinar you will learn



DryDent® Sublingual - 2nd best innovation at the Clinical Innovations Conference.

We are happy to announce that Directa’s new product DryDent Sublingual received the Highly Commended Status as 2nd best innovation at the UK’s prestigious Clinical Innovations Conference on May 21st, 2016.


DirectaDentalGroup keeps expanding.

In 2015 DirectaDentalGroup acquired and incorporated three manufacturing companies: the UK-based Topdental Products Ltd, the Swedish J.H. Orsing AB and the Swedish Nordiska Dental’s non- amalgam products. Topdental was acquired in April 2015 and manufactures dental disinfectant and hygiene control products Topdental (Products) Ltd. Topdental is an award winning manufacturer of premium quality disinfectant products commercialized both as private label and under the brands Virofex and Bossklein. Headquarter, production and warehouse are based in Silsden, West Yorkshire, UK.


A PRO does it all.

Directa’s new ProphyCare Prophy Paste PRO is increasingly gaining popularity among dental professionals worldwide. On healthy patients without heavy discolorations, ProphyPaste PRO will both remove stains and polish for a smooth tooth surface as its grains degrade from coarse to fine. Moreover the paste has unique remineralizing and desensitizing features. SEM images taken within a new study from Karolinska University showed that ProphyPaste PRO was the only paste to show relevant differences in particle size after use, implying that you only need one prophy paste such as ProphyPaste PRO’s that transitions from cleansing to polishing.  


DryDent® - For optimal moisture control

Directa launches the new DryDent line of products, the first saliva absorbers featuring both optimal moisture control AND great comfort. DryDent takes moisture control to the next level. Soft, comfortable and highly efficient DryDent Parotid and DryDent Sublingual enhance saliva absorption and substitute cotton rolls with thin but highly absorbent pads with soft edges. Ideal every time you need a dryer working environment. The first and only absorbent designed to collect saliva under the tongue, DryDent Sublingual also enhances patient’s comfort when using saliva ejectors and x ray holders. Both models come in two sizes, small and large for optimal anatomic adaptation.