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Calasept®  Endoline

Calasept is a well known brand of products from calcium hydroxide paste for temporary root fillings to a complete assortment of liquids for effective irrigation of root canals. It is a useful range of products for the proper treatment of root canals by any clinic, general practitioners and endodontic specialists. Current products include Calasept and Calasept Plus calcium hydroxide paste, Calasept EDTA solution for chelation of root canals and Calasept CHX, a chlorhexidine for the final rinse of the canal. Our high quality Calasept Paste Needles and the Double-Side-Vented Irrigation Needles optimize the application and delivery of all Calasept products. Our dedicated goal on the development and production of Calasept products has made the Calasept brand a reliable line where the prime focus is to facilitate and simplify the root canal treatment with innovative solutions for the dental practitioner.

Calasept Plus
Calasept EDTA
Calasept CHX
Calasept Irrigation Needles