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By DirectaDentalGroup

DirectaDentalGroup is very proud to introduce ThePrimeClub, a dynamic international network of carefully selected dental professionals kindly honouring us with their time, dedication and extensive knowledge. This heterogeneous and highly qualified team provides us with invaluable experience in our ambition to develop and to stay innovative.

What ThePrimeClub does.
ThePrimeClub supports DirectaDentalGroup with information straight from the profession, offering a broader perspective to our R&D department. ThePrimeClub discusses coming products, participates to pre-launch activities and product preview and delivers invaluable feedback about new and existing products.

ThePrimeClub members are DirectaDentalGroup’s eminent ambassadors for anything they appreciate and use in their daily clinical work spreading unbiased, high quality information through lectures, hands-on training and clinical documentation.

Why join ThePrimeClub?
ThePrimeClub members enjoy the  advantages of a privileged contact with a group manufacturing group truly dedicated to “Design by Dentists”. They are involved with dental manufacturing processes and get a concrete chance to contribute to innovation. On an international scale, the new DirectaDentalGroup learning platform grants them increased visibility. On a national level, DirectaDentalgroup enthusiastically supports their local study groups. Besides being the most natural occasion for networking and exchange of information and opinions, each yearly meeting offers participants growth development and practice management training opportunities.

Dr. Aleksandar Dakic
Oral Surgery, Periodontology, Prophylaxis
Dr. Antimos Ouzounoglou
General, Restorative
United Kingdom
Dr. Bartek Suliborski
General, Oral Surgery
Dr. David Peñarrocha
Oral Surgery, Periodontics Tissue Regeneration
Dr. Deepak Mehta
General, Adhesive Dentistry,Aesthetic Dentistry, Endodontics
Dr. Jason Motta Jones
Oral Surgery
Dr. Jure Poglajen
General, Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Laser
Dr. Manouchehr Kiaei
General, Oral Surgery, Restorative
Dr. Milad George
General, Restorative, Endodontics
Dr. Simona Giani
General, Restorative, Pediatric
Dr. Sjobbe Besseling
General, Endodontics, Restorative
Dr. Tiziano Flavio Galizzi
Endodontics, Restorative