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115100 - PractiPal Tray, 2 clips
€ 41,00    
115106 - PractiPal Tray and Instrument Clamp, black/lilac
€ 65,00    
115107 - PractiPal Tray and Instrument Clamp, black/pink
€ 65,00    
115108 - PractiPal Tray and Instrument Clamp, black/mint green
€ 65,00    
115109 - PractiPal Tray and Instrument Clamp, black/orange
€ 65,00    
115110 - PractiPal Tray and Instrument Clamp, black/grey
€ 65,00    
115111 - PractiPal Tray and Instrument Clamp, black/red
€ 65,00    
115112 - PractiPal Tray and Instrument Clamp, black/yellow
€ 65,00    
115113 - PractiPal Tray and Instrument Clamp, black/blue
€ 65,00    
115114 - PractiPal Tray and Instrument Clamp, black/green
€ 65,00    
115200 - PractiPal Compact File Set, black/grey
€ 78,00    
115201 - PractiPal Compact File Set, black/red
€ 78,00    
115202 - PractiPal Compact File Set, black/yellow
€ 78,00    
115203 - PractiPal Compact File Set, black/blue
€ 78,00    
115204 - PractiPal Compact File Set, black/green
€ 78,00    
115205 - PractiPal Compact File Set, black/lilac
€ 78,00    
115206 - PractiPal Compact File Set, black/pink
€ 78,00    
115207 - PractiPal Compact File Set, black/mint green
€ 78,00    
115208 - PractiPal Compact File Set, black/orange
€ 78,00    
115160 - PractiPal Compact Bur Set, black/red
€ 78,00    
115161 - PractiPal Compact Bur Set, black/yellow
€ 78,00    
115162 - PractiPal Compact Bur Set, black/green
€ 78,00    
115163 - PractiPal Compact Bur Set, black/blue
€ 78,00    
115164 - PractiPal Compact Bur Set, black/grey
€ 78,00    
115170 - PractiPal Compact Bur Set, black/lilac
€ 78,00    
115171 - PractiPal Compact Bur Set, black/pink
€ 78,00    
115172 - PractiPal Compact Bur Set, black/mint green
€ 78,00    
115173 - PractiPal Compact Bur Set, black/orange
€ 78,00    
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Half Tray

All the advantages of PractiPal in a smaller format that fits all set-ups. PractiPal Half Tray contain one half tray and one instrument clamp and holds up to 9 instruments. PractiPal OrthoTray is a Peg-free or Pegless Tray. PractiPal Compact File Set holds 13 files and Practipal Compact Bur Set holds 2 extra long burs, 5HP/RA and 8FG. Both including one instrument clamp and four waste cups.

Dimensions: 140x188x37 mm.
Available in nine colours. 
Colour of the tray: black.


4 reasons to use PractiPal®

1. Organized work flow
2. Safety first
3. Improved hygiene control
4. Light and non-metallic


Prod No.

Prod No: 115100  PractiPal Half Tray + 2 clips, 1 pc 
Prod No: 115106  PractiPal Half Tray and Instrument Clamp, lilac, 1 pc 
Prod No: 115107  PractiPal Half Tray and Instrument Clamp, pink, 1 pc 
Prod No: 115108  PractiPal Half Tray and Instrument Clamp, mint green, 1 pc 
Prod No: 115109  PractiPal Half Tray and Instrument Clamp, orange, 1 pc 
Prod No: 115110  PractiPal Half Tray and Instrument Clamp, grey, 1 pc 
Prod No: 115111  PractiPal Half Tray and Instrument Clamp, red, 1 pc 
Prod No: 115112  PractiPal Half Tray and Instrument Clamp, yellow, 1 p
Prod No: 115113  PractiPal Half Tray and Instrument Clamp, blue, 1 pc 
Prod No: 115114  PractiPal Half Tray and Instrument Clamp, green,  1 pc

Prod No: 115200 PractiPal Compact File Set, grey 1 pc
Prod No: 115201 PractiPal Compact File Set, red 1 pc
Prod No: 115202 PractiPal Compact File Set, yellow 1 pc
Prod No: 115203 PractiPal Compact File Set, blue 1 pc
Prod No: 115204 PractiPal Compact File Set, green 1 pc
Prod No: 115205 PractiPal Compact File Set, lilac 1 pc
Prod No: 115206 PractiPal Compact File Set, pink 1 pc
Prod No: 115207 PractiPal Compact File Set, mint green 1 pc
Prod No: 115208 PractiPal Compact File Set, orange 1 pc

Prod No:115160 PractiPal Compact Bur Set, red 1 pc
Prod No:115161 PractiPal Compact Bur Set, yellow 1 pc
Prod No:115162 PractiPal Compact Bur Set, green 1 pc
Prod No:115163 PractiPal Compact Bur Set, blue 1 pc
Prod No:115164 PractiPal Compact Bur Set, grey 1 pc
Prod No:115170 PractiPal Compact Bur Set, lilac 1 pc
Prod No:115171 PractiPal Compact Bur Set, pink 1 pc
Prod No:115172 PractiPal Compact Bur Set, mint green 1 pc
Prod No:115173 PractiPal Compact Bur Set, orange 1 pc


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